Should Scott Disick's Partying Play Out On Air?

Oh, man. As much as I like to consider myself a tried and true Lord Disick defender, it's getting harder and harder to be on his team. Especially considering that there's some not so good news surfacing in regards to the honorary Kardashian family member. As TMZ reports, Scott Disick partied way too hard in Aspen recently, and it's not boding well for him and his supposed sobriety. More specifically, they laid out the details as so,

Sources at Hotel Jerome tell TMZ ... the first night Scott and his crew — which included famed artist Alec Monopoly — went out on the town, and when they came back one of his buds jumped over a counter at the bar in the lobby and stole a bottle — which we think is Johnny Walker Black Label — which they took back to the room. The hotel didn't call the cops, but charged him $400. But that was just the beginning of alcohol consumption. Scott and posse then ordered $840 worth of booze. The next night they ordered $600 in booze up to the room.

TMZ also alleges that Disick and his friends left the hotel room an absolute mess, which is so not cool. As you can understand, this report is frustrating for a variety of reasons. Not only did he partake in these shenanigans before his newborn son, Reign, was even a month old, he also has two other small children at home. Secondly, this is concerning because this type of partying is detrimental to Disick himself. He has a real problem and he's still struggling with it, as evidenced by his confessions on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Us Weekly quotes Disick as saying, "I've gone over this in my head so many times to try to live a cleaner life, and for some reason I just keep going back to the same routine."

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This brings us to the question of whether or not this particular fiasco will air on KUWTK. While, yeah, it'd probably make for dramatic and compelling television, Disick's life shouldn't be lived according to what will bring in the best ratings. Considering he's already gone to rehab — a situation which was included on Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons — perhaps this dire matter would be better dealt with offscreen. I can't imagine how much the pressure of the cameras must weigh on him, because despite being video taped in the moment, the incidents are then replayed over and over months later for the entire world to see. Fans have hoped before that developments like this would be the fuel Disick needed to finally change his life for the better — for Kourtney, their children, and himself — but perhaps living life outside of the show's cameras is the real change he needs.

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