What Baby Name Did Kourtney & Scott Choose?

It's been an eventful past few weeks for the Kardashian family. So busy that they didn't even do their annual Christmas card. (I know, so disappointing!) But at least there's a good reason things have been hectic — I'm referring to the birth of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's third child. If you're like me, and dying to know what they named it, you're in luck. A week after giving birth, Kourtney announced the baby boy's name on Instagram. Drum roll please... Reign Aston Disick.

Let that sink in: Reign. Aston. Disick. I have so many thoughts. First, at least the baby isn't named "Rain," like the weather. (Sorry, Christina Aguilera!) Second, Lord Disick must have had a say in this, right? Sounds like a family filled with royalty, if you ask me. I bet his nickname will be Prince Disick. (Get it? Lord and Prince Disick?) When I searched for the meaning on BabyNames.Org, my suspicious were correct: it means "rule, sovereign." Pretty self explanatory. Also reminiscent of how Lil Kim named her daughter Royal Reign.

As for the middle name, I initially thought it was just a misspelling of Ashton (as in, Kutcher). But when I realized we weren't being Punk'd and the missing "H" is intentional, I decided to look up what this middle name means. A quick search revealed it translates to "Noble Stone." So, the baby's name is essentially Sovereign Noble Stone? Very interesting... and regal! I guess it's a cute name for such a precious little gem of a baby. Other potential meanings could be a reference to the city in England named Aston, or the luxury British sports car manufacturer. Any explanation is plausible, right? Either way, all signs point to Scott naming the baby.

Even though Kourtney only gave us a glimpse of his little hand, my heart is already exploding from the kuteness! Based on how ridiculously cute Mason and Penelope Disick are, it's a safe bet that baby Reign will be equally adorbs. Although the name isn't what I expected, it's actually growing on me, the more I think about it. (And hey, at least she didn't let Auntie Kim name it after a direction!)

Now all we have to do is try waiting patiently for even more baby photos. In the very least, I'm sure he'll have plenty of cameos in the inevitable future seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Or at least I sure hope so!