18 Animals Who Love Winter More Than Anything

by Chrissa Hardy

Experiencing winter when you're a human is nowhere near as exciting as experiencing winter when you're a cute fluffy animal. The first snowfall of the year is a pretty rad sight to behold, but for many of us, it's something we've already witnessed this year. It probably happened during the Christmas season, when snow was at the peak of its allure. As winter continues, the snow we were so excited about is covering our front yards and pushed aside in mushy brown piles on sidewalks and in driveways. And even though we still love it on days when we're home with a blanket and a good book, or when we want to partake in any snow sport activities, we're probably getting to the point where we just want the snow to go away.

But through an animal's eyes, falling snow is always spectacular. Seeing an animal play in the snow reminds us of how we used to get excited every single time there was a snowy weather forecast. It was magical and exciting, and it meant that snow days were possible and snowball fights were inevitable. So let's go back to that place for a bit, shall we? Let's abandon our jaded view on the dark winter months ahead and dive into a powdery snow pile head first, just like these animals would. Because they are seriously excited about all things winter, and it's way too cute to ignore.

This puppy

I mean, he's just excited about life. And everything ahead of him. Think of all the snowflakes he has yet to pee on!

These cats

This confuses me, because cats generally don't like water.

But maybe snow is the only consistency where bath time is tolerable?

This polar bear

You do you, polar bear!

This dog

He practically lives for snowball fights.

These pals

Winter is kind of like a bonding experience for them.

This fox

Hunting or playing? Either way, this is glorious.

These dogs

"Yesyesyesyesyesyes. This stuff is the BEST."

It looks like this goofy corgi wants to wear a coat made out of snow.

And this fashionista

She's just excited that it's finally cold enough to wear her new pink sweater.

This bunny

Solo peek-a-boo is an introvert bunny's favorite game.

This dog on a snowboard

He's been waiting all season to show off his moves.

These monkeys


This Australian Shepherd

She has never seen anything this amazing in her life.

These penguins

Time for a snow day dance party!

This squirrel

The tail says it all.

This panda

Is it soft enough for me to slide off of a cave onto my back? Yup.

The world's cutest dog

Winter brings out the best in him.

Image: Joe, clarkmaxwell, Vladimir, David, Kurt Bauschardt, Y Nakanishi/Flickr; Giphy (13)