Sienna Miller Wore Stripes On Stripes, But Surprisingly Pulled Off the Clash. How is She So Perfect?

You know you've pretty much won fashion when you do just about everything wrong and still look fantastic. Sienna Miller wore stripes on stripes, and she was all kinds of clashing, but still so absolutely perfect.

Fresh off the striped Celine dress Miller wore this week in New York City, the British actress proved she has a penchant for stripes by wearing a black and white Altuzarra button-down shirt with a striped pencil skirt from the spring 2015 collection. Basically she wore stripes on stripes, and they weren't even going the same direction, and they weren't the same width or thickness. So that's not a good visual. And to go even further, Sienna finished the look with strappy (even more stripes) sandals. At this point, "clashing" is the euphemistic way of putting it, but she totally pulls it off. From her perfectly tousled bob, to her bold red lip, to her smiley, carefree demeanor, Miller is everything right about this wrong outfit. And I'm not even mad about the absurdity of it given that it's 30 degrees in NYC.

After all her recent fashion victories, I couldn't be more excited for her role in Cabaret — just think about all of the sartorial brilliance we'll be treated to during those few weeks.

Images: Getty Images; ETCanada/Twitter