Whitney Houston's Mother Comments on Lifetime Biopic & Her Requests For Privacy Should Be Honored

Despite the widespread disappointment over the majorly botched Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B Lifetime movie, there are still plenty of Whitney Houston fans who remain hopeful that in retelling Houston's story, the network will bring its biopic losing streak to an end by finally presenting a film that treats the legacy of its subject with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, the anticipation over the movie ends with Houston's fans. Since its inception, Houston's family has repeatedly denounced the biopic, including her mother Cissy, who expressed relief over the project's completion.

In a statement to PEOPLE magazine, the 81-year-old gospel singer said, "I'm glad the Lifetime project is finished." She added, "I hope from now on her fans will keep her child, [Bobbi Kristina Brown], in their prayers, and I hope people will let my child rest."

Even though Houston's tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown has been used as a heavy selling point for the film, the accuracy of the Houston biopic has been one of the main points of contention with many of the singer's relatives, who insist that those behind the unauthorized film don't actually know the truth about the singer's life or her marriage.

Additionally, Houston and Brown's daughter Bobbi Kristina made headlines when she criticized the film's director Angela Bassett on Twitter after she wasn't cast to play the role of her mother.

Obviously, the family's outrage wasn't enough to halt the film, which premieres Saturday evening. But at this point, the least Whitney Houston fans and the media can do is offer some much-needed respite to a mother whose heartfelt pleas are extremely difficult to ignore. Houston passed nearly three years ago, and the controversy surrounding this film couldn't have made the family's grieving process any easier.

Surely, Houston feels pride and honor at having a daughter who captured the hearts and admiration of the public, but respecting Cissy Houston's requests for privacy feels like the right thing to do.