Please, Paulson: Come Back for 'AHS' Season 5

The season finale of American Horror Story: Freak Show is upon us, so we must gear up to possibly say goodbye to the national treasure that is Jessica Lange. Although the showrunners are still being vague about what the next season of American Horror Story will look like, let me just say this: Sarah Paulson must return for Season 5 of AHS . With Lange's last AHS appearance theorized to be during Freak Show's Jan. 21 finale, I just could not handle if that meant we would lose Paulson on the show too.

Both women have been on AHS since Season 1's Murder House and I'm not good with a lot of change all at once in my TV entertainment life. And when it comes to Paulson, can you blame me? She has been phenomenal in Season 4 of AHS as conjoined twins Bette and Dot. Thanks in part to the technology — but mostly because of her acting — I never once have doubted that Bette and Dot Tattler are actually conjoined. I often make a point to remind myself that she's just one woman playing these two sisters because she's just that good.

When it was announced that there would definitely be a Season 5 of American Horror Story in Oct. 2014, Paulson seemed like a sure thing. Creator Ryan Murphy even said that Paulson "really loves" her character for Season 5. But now the rumor mill is not so sure.

There has been no official statement from the actress or anyone over at AHS, but there is concern that Paulson may not return due to her other commitments — specifically another Murphy-led project, American Crime Story. The 10-episode miniseries is kind of a spinoff of AHS and will also air on FX. And in December, it was announced that Cuba Gooding, Jr. would be portraying the main character in the first crime story the show will be covering: the trial of O.J. Simpson. (This shouldn't bring me joy, but it kind of does.) And Paulson will be portraying prosecutor Marcia Clark. (Ahhh the joy has moved on to full-fledged straight-up excitement.)

American Crime Story sounds like it will amazing — especially with Murphy at the helm — but is it too much to ask for Paulson to do both shows? I mean if Murphy can run both, can't Paulson star in both? Murphy told reporters back in October that he doesn't always have to be leading AHS:

[The show is] never ending in many ways. I may not always be doing it, but someone could come in and do 13 episodes and make it their own. That was the idea from the beginning.

But that day hasn't come yet, so if he's behind both shows, I think he could be flexible in finding some way to include Paulson.

She doesn't have to have as large of a part as she did in Freak Show for Season 5, but it would seem like a waste to lose her completely — especially since all of the American Horror Story seasons are interconnected in some way. Plus, remember that time she managed to do AHS while being in a little movie called 12 Years a Slave? If she can star in the Best Picture Oscar winner and do a season of AHS — she can do anything.

Images: twerkingwithkit, welcomethenewage, foxxypaulson/Tumblr