Buzzfeed Video "Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing About Their Bodies" Is Right On Point

Our society has some very strange and messed up ideas about what the "ideal" or "correct" body type should be, and as a result, women especially hear a lot of messed up things about our bodies and bodies in general. But the women of Buzzfeed's "Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing About Their Bodies" are just about fed up with it. As, I would imagine, are we all.

It's a well established fact that women — and men too — in this country have a hard time maintaining positive body image. In fact, body image among American women is the worst in the world. And in fact, despite numerous, awesome campaigns to make women feel better about ourselves and our bodies, body image among American women and girls is getting worse. Even female celebrities are not immune to the confidence-zapping pressure of absolute perfection. And a lot of that pressure comes from media messages about what our bodies should look like — which then trickle down to general social messages and become unavoidable.

And yet in spite of all of that, bodies are awesome, in any shape or size. They don't have to conform to some arbitrary social ideal. And most importantly of all, your body is not public property; it isn't up for debate and it doesn't require public approval. As the women of Buzzfeed remind us, "My body is mine."

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