Your 'Breaking Bad' Boyfriend Was on 'SNL'

Yeah, bitch. In case you thought you could escape Breaking Bad's series finale while watching Tina Fey on SNL , not only do you have some seriously screwed up priorities, you thought wrong. Jesse Pinkman, a.k.a. Aaron Paul was all over the Sept. 28 episode. And it was glorious — even the part where he refused to tell Jay Pharoah-Obama the end of Breaking Bad . Who really wants to hear spoilers this close to the end, anyway?

Sans spoilers. Paul stopped by SNL's cold open — a sketch about people misunderstanding Obamacare and Ted Cruz reciting nonsense — to reprise his beloved Breaking Bad character once more. Jesse Pinkman, a representative from the great state of New Mexico, crashed the press conference to explain to President Obama how his cancer-stricken friend Walter White never would have had to turn to the meth business if the Affordable Care Act had been around then. Kinda puts some things in perspective, doesn't it? (For example, from my perspective, Breaking Bad is absolutely everywhere and I love it.)

But Paul's appearances continued in a fake commercial for e-Meth, the easy alternative to, you know, like, actual meth. For fans of making fun of the now ubiquitous e-cigarettes (even Leo DiCaprio rocks them now), and fans of hearing Paul end sentences with "bitch," this e-Meth skit is just about as good as it gets.

And finally, the pièce de résistance: Drunk Uncle introduces us to his very special guest, his very own Meth Nephew. It was about time we learned who Drunk Uncle played inebriated relative to, and who better than Jesse Pinkman? Plus, at least Drunk Uncle is with it enough to know that he knocked us all dead with that "I am the one who knock-knocks" line. (Oh come, on. Even Drunk Uncle knows "it's from that show.")

Well, folks, this is about as much excitement as we can handle this evening. Tina Fey and Aaron Paul on the season premiere of SNL that was actually funny? It's the dream we never even knew was possible.

Image: Bobby Moynihan's Twitter