9 Problems Only Ladies With "Resting Niceface" Understand

Sorry ladies with bitchy resting face, there's a new perma-look in town, and it makes life just as complicated. A new Buzzfeed video reveals what it's like to have "resting niceface," and the trials of looking friendly are real. It sounds silly, but it can be a struggle looking like a "nice girl" — I've dealt with it for as long as I've been toothily smiling on this earth. I'm always the first person to get asked for directions, and the first to be approached by some guy who thinks I'm flirting with him when I'm just out minding my own smiley business.

My unconscious perma-grin has gotten me comparisons to Jack-o-lanterns (since I'm a sucker for the macabre) and ruined my chances of being viewed as cool and mysterious many a time. For years I would go to goth clubs, hoping to blend in with the dour, eff-you faces of the girls to my left and right, but no, I was never to be one of them. Sure I can fake it in photographs, but in person I'm screwed. On the plus side, it is kind of nice to have strangers bare their teeth to you in friendship at random as you go about your day. Maybe it's time I start appreciating my beaming tribe after all...

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