Mindy Kaling Goes Blonde Ombre And Completely Rocks It, Once Again Proving That She Can Do Anything

Did you hear the news? See the ultra-fabulous evidence on her (incidentally, also ultra fabulous) Instagram account? Anyone who happens to be familiar with Mindy Kaling and her on-screen alter egos Kelly Kapoor and Mindy Lahiri know that this is a long time coming: Mindy officially went blonde this weekend.

What with copious references to the hair color on her TV show (remember when Mindy got arrested, and we learned that her drivers' license states her as blue-eyed, blonde-haired, and 5'10"? Heck, a recent episode was even titled, "Legally Brunette") are we really even surprised? Surprise or no, I don't know about you, but I am freaking out — because she is completely rocking it (insert cheesy Blonde Ambition joke here).

I said about a month ago that Rachel McAdams' choppy ombré 'do was the first to make me fall in love with the trend, and Mindy's glamorous Old Hollywood take on the style is another very strong case for the popular hairstyle: It's just the right balance of classic, edgy, and just plain cool.

She unveiled the new color on her Instagram, making sure to thank her hairstylist, Clariss Rubenstein, in the process, and added a caption that joked (in true Mindy fashion) of a "new life as an R&B singer."

Glorious, right?

Images: Getty Images; mindykaling/Twitter