Brandi Glanville Is The Reason To Watch 'RHOBH'

The number of reasons why I still watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can be counted on one hand. First off, these women have a ton of money, which makes it a lot more interesting to watch because the standard of living in Beverly Hills is so high. The second reason I still watch RHOBH is because of Brandi Glanville. Sorry Kyle, Kim, Lisa(s), Yolanda, and Eileen, but Brandi is the true star of the show, and you're all her supporting characters. Brandi is a loose cannon on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , and that is just one reason you should watch RHOBH just for Brandi.

From the start, Brandi was a polarizing topic between fans of the show — you either loved her or hated her. During her first season, she went head-to-head with the Sisters Richards, and while I'm not sure who won the season, Brandi made a name for herself, and Queen Kyle was dethroned. Brandi was edgy (in an often inappropriate way), spoke her mind, and put the other women in situations that made them uncomfortable. Basically, she became the star of the show. Here are 10 reasons why Brandi Glanville makes RHOBH worth watching all on her own.

1. She's Kicking Ass Career-Wise

Brandi has published multiple best-selling books, because people just can't get enough of her no-BS policy of tellin' it like it is.

2. She Likes Her Alcohol, And Her Alcohol Likes Her

Brandi has never been one to shy away from a libation, and girlfriend doesn't deny it.

3. She Doesn't Fall For The California "Be Green" Thing

Sometimes I just wanna scream that too, Brandi. After Yolanda encouraged Brandi to become friends with the Earth, or some weird I-have-so-many-friends-that-the-Earth-is-my-next-conquest concept, Brandi accurately shouted "fuck the Earth," because Brandi isn't afraid of Mother Nature.

4. She Started Sobbing On Live TV

It was an ordinary evening. I was putting my priorities into perspective as I waited on-hold to talk to Brandi or Jeff Lewis on Watch What Happens Live , when Brandi threw her wine at Jeff and turned her back to the camera and started crying. It was, hands down, the most uncomfortable moment Andy Cohen and I have ever been a part of, and I loved it.

5. She Wore A Disguise To Stalk A Boyfriend

This moment alone deserves an Emmy. Brandi wanted to spy on her shady boyfriend, so to do so, she disguised herself, and it went as well as any Real Housewives of Beverly Hills disguise ambush could have.

6. She Can Go From 0 To 60 In A Hot Second

At least Brandi owns her temper. Some of the best moments of the show are when you can tell something is cooking inside Brandi, and then BOOM, she's off like a racehorse.

7. She Threatened People Her First Season

A great example of Brandi's temper? She had a tendency to threaten peoples' lives during her first season...

8. But She's Calmed Down, For Now

She's toned it down a bit since then.

9. She Threw Wine At Eileen For A Soap Opera Moment

Remember when Brandi just straight up threw her wine at Eileen, hoping she'd "turn into" her soap opera character? What the fresh hell was that about? I don't know, but I don't care. Keep doin' you, Brandi.

10. She Doesn't Apologize For Who She Is

But most of all, Brandi doesn't apologize for who she is. Whether it is dissing her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his current wife LeAnn Rimes, or telling Babyface to buy his wife a bigger diamond ring in front of an entire dinner party, Brandi will never apologize for who she is — and she never should.

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