This Batmobile Stroller Will Make You So Jealous

In all my babysitting and daycare days, I have seen too many strollers to count, all of which managed to both impress and perilously confuse me, much to the delight of the gurgling, judgmental infants who watched me struggle to pop them open. But none of the strollers I have seen in my life have been anywhere near as life-changing — is it too much to call this "life-changing"? — as this Batmobile replica stroller, which was designed to look exactly like the Batmobile from The Dark Knight. It looks so much like the real thing that I have never in my life resented not being a 2-year-old as much as I do right now.

The stroller was designed by props master Tim Baker and his team from Super-Fans Build (also the masterminds responsible for the hobbit hole litter box and Eye of Sauron scratching post), and the detail that goes into making it is truly astounding. Much like the 3D printed Batman costume that made waves last week, a lot of the parts on the Batmobile stroller were articulated digitally before they were created, and then meticulously put together, sanded down, and painted to make what will undoubtedly be the most badass stroller on the planet.

And nobody deserves the joy they are undoubtedly deriving from this sweet ride more than Batman fan Josh Earl and his son Collin: Their entire house is decked out in Batman memorabilia, and Collin's mother Mareesa (who reached out to Super-Fans and made this all possible in the first place) says that Collin's very first words were the Batman theme song. And just in case you thought this kid couldn't get any cuter, you have to see the way his entire little face lights up when he sees that he's going to get to ride around in his favorite heroes' signature wheels. Watch the video below to see the behind-the-scenes construction and the big reveal:

Image: YouTube