Who Is Terra Feuding With On 'Little Women: LA'? Her Pregnancy Has Become a Lightning Rod For Conflict

Even though she's trying her best to spread the positivity, Terra Jole is feuding with some of her Little Women: LA castmates. Even though she's unofficially the leader of the group, things aren't going so well between Terra and the rest of the gang. She's still super tight with Elena. I guess they've bonded over their shared career as performers and impersonators. And after clashing with Tonya over her bad boyfriend, Trevor, the two have made up and Trevor is in Tonya's rearview. But Christy, Traci, and now maybe Briana, are starting to have some serious problems with Terra.

Terra and Traci started to have a little tension after the second episode, when Terra announced her pregnancy to the group. Traci has been having a little trouble conceiving, something that's totally normal. But the pain of finding out that one of her best friends was already expecting a baby while she's been unsuccessful was just too much for her to deal with, and she had to leave the party before she got too overwhelmed and cried in front of everyone.

Things didn't get any better when Christy, who's Traci's former best friend (the two had a falling out last year), went behind Terra's back and found out that she had told Elena about her pregnancy before everyone else. Christy did find out from Elena, the primary source, but even though it was under the guise of catching up with Elena, Christy immediately broke her promise to not tell anyone and gossiped everything to Traci, including that Elena knew before Terra's boyfriend, Joe Gnoffo.

According to Terra, this wasn't some kind of devious plot to leave Traci out, but Traci was still understandably hurt by it.

Christy and Terra have had trouble in the past, so when their argument started, it was hard to watch. Things escalated incredibly quickly, with significant others chiming in and things eventually getting very heated. It ended with everyone basically screaming profanity at one another.

All of this combined ruined Briana's party, which was meant to introduce the ladies to her new boyfriend. Now the main problem is probably going to be between Briana and Christy, who are best friends. But, if I know anything about Christy, she'll figure out a way to make Briana blame Terra for this. Terra's going to find herself in a very uncomfortable situation with half of the cast if this doesn't work itself out in the next few weeks.

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