TLC's New Kickstarter Deserves Celebration

In totally unexpected (but totally awesome) news, TLC are using Kickstarter to fund their new album. I, for one, think that it's a great idea! After all, Kickstarter isn't just for indie projects anymore — it's how the Veronica Mars movie got made! If this is what members Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins feel like they need to do in order to create the best possible album for their fans (it could be their last), then I say more power to 'em. The two women have just 30 days to raise $150,000, and while that sounds like a challenge, they've already managed to raise over $83,000 in less than 48 hours, so I don't think that they'll have any trouble reaching their goal.

In celebration, I decided to revisit the music video for TLC's 1994 single "Creep" (the version that's posted on their official VEVO account — not this strange, alternate version). After all, "Creep" is TLC's best song to date. (No, this is not up for discussion.)

The music video for "Creep" definitely isn't the group's best (that title probably belongs to "Unpretty") — but it does feature a lot of hilarious '90s fashion and choreography, so it's definitely worth re-watching. Plus, something as epic as TLC taking to Kickstarter to fund a new album deserves only the most fitting of tributes.

I present to you the 15 best moments from TLC's "Creep" music video:




Apparently, they feel really good, too:

Like, *REALLY* good:

When this model is pretending like he can actually play the trumpet:

And then he's all like, "That was good, right?":

When giant flannel shirts are everywhere because... 1994:

T-Boz's weird Queen Amidala from Star Wars haircut:

When Left Eye is having the best time all by herself:

When Chilli makes the duck face before the duck face was even really a thing:

And then dons this tasteful sweatsuit ensemble:

She loves it so much, she begins to dance!

Go on, Chilli.

Check out TLC's Kickstarter (and donate!) here.

Images: TLCVEVO/YouTube (15)