An Ode To Dakota Johnson's Best Fashion Moments

It is confession time, oh faithful Bustle readers — I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey and (wait for it) actually have no plans to crack it open any time soon. What was that I just heard? The collective gasp of E.L. James loyalists and Christian Grey lovers the world over? I thought so. It isn’t that I don’t think it is valid reading material, especially considering I love nothing more than fiction turned pop culture phenomenon turned movie, it’s just not my literary scene. However, I, like many others, am convinced the hype is warranted after seeing the trailer heard round the world, and I would now absolutely volunteer to lead the “Jamie Dornan should be in all movies, ever” campaign. The new resident hottie isn’t the only one heating up coffee talk, though. The world’s soon-to-be Anastasia Steele — Dakota Johnson — is in the midst of a true breakout moment.

Johnson has been the talk of the town since E.L. James confirmed she would portray Steele by Tweeting, “Johnson’s not that well known, but soon, she’s about the be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.” It certainly wouldn’t have taken a crystal ball or a tarot card to make that prediction, and it has all but come to fruition. For months we have watched her quick ascent to stardom, proving the power that comes with bringing a cult phenomena to life on the big screen.

Acting chops and career-making roles aside, Dakota Johnson is also well on her way to becoming the next big thing in fashion, coveted by the houses who wish her to wear their latest duds on the rep carpet. A sure-fire style icon, the 25-year-old actress makes bold fashion choices and is the perfect balance of Hollywood glamour and girl next door, an undeniable recipe that makes her the one to watch this year. And if there was any doubt of her possible fashion prowess, Vogue revealed Johnson as their February cover girl yesterday, all but cementing her status. Dare I say Dakota Johnson will give Jennifer Lawrence a run for her money this year for the girl that everyone loves to love? J. Law may not be replaceable in our hearts, but here are five reasons Johnson will be the new star of your fashion and beauty inspiration board.


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Dakota Johnson woke up like this, guys. Or so she makes it seem. Johnson is the master of that most-envied, au natural yet drop-dead gorgeous look that takes us mere mortals all morning to achieve, an aesthetic that furthers the doe-eyed actresses glamorous girl next door vibe. Also, she has the perfect pout and always seems to be glowing.


Girl. That hair. Remember in the 90s when everyone wanted "The Rachel?" Move over Jennifer Anniston, there is about to be new head of hair taking over Pinterest boards and salons. Johnson's perfectly tousled locks rival the lioness-like maine of Leighton Meester or Princess Kate's covetable soft curls. Not to mention, she has sported fifty shades of color (I had to) and looked equally amazing every time. Whether blonde, warm caramel or dark, Anastasia Steele brown, Johnson's hair is copy cat worthy. Also, her modern up do game is strong.

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Up and coming? Johnson strut her stuff on the 2015 Golden Globes red carpet in Chanel . And not Keira Knightley, little house on the prairie Chanel, but rather stunning, shimmery, here-to-stay style icon Chanel. The Globes were clearly a statement-making moment for her and I, for one, can't wait to see what future carpets have in store.


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In fashion, you often have to risk being on the worst dressed list to make it as part of the best dressed brigade. Johnson should have no problem considering she slayed in Gucci feathers fit for Katniss Everdeen at the LACMA Gala last year. Thus far, she hasn't been one to shy away from a red carpet risk and we all love an icon who can keep us on our toes.


It may be the first time Johnson has landed Vogue, but her cover shot and feature prove she belongs within the fashion bible's pages. The interview and photo spread entitled, "Fifty Shades of Grey's Dakota Johnson: An Interview with a Woman on the Brink of Fame," make us believe she could easily be a long-time member of this pretty elite cover girl club.

I may not be crazy in love (pun intended) with Fifty Shades of Grey, but I definitely have a girl crush on Dakota Johnson. I don't think it will be long before the rest of the population catches up, if they haven't already.

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