What Will Jamie Dornan Do After 'Fifty Shades'?

The time is so near, ladies. The fever for the Valentine's Day release of Fifty Shades of Grey has got everyone all hot and bothered, and I think that the Beyoncé soundtracked commercial showing on TV every five minutes might have something to do with it. OK, who am I kidding? It's all about Jamie Dornan in that sleek suit. The role of the mysteriously charming Christian Grey has been raising emotions since the initial casting of Charlie Hunnam as Grey, and a fan base this passionate harkens back to the days of that little film Twilight and the meteoric superstardom of Robert Pattinson. There's no doubt that Dornan's good looks and charm will set him up for a strong future in Hollywood, so I wonder: what is Jamie Dornan doing after Fifty Shades of Grey ?

One thing's for sure, post-Fifty Shades, Dornan wants to stay far away from tying people up. Say what? Well, after finishing filming, he began shooting the second season of the British police thriller The Fall, in which he plays a serial killer who likes to tie up his victims. And obviously, he likes to tie things up a bit differently for his role as Christian Grey. He told The Guardian last year, "There are a couple of classic knots I know now and I've put them to good use far too many times recently. In fact I'd like to do a job where I don't have to tie women to beds."

Well, it sounds like Dornan is going to do just that and will star in a romantic comedy and a thriller, both of which should keep him away from the rope tying. According IMDb, the actor is currently attached to two projects: The 9th Life of Louis Drax and an untitled project by director John Wells.

The untitled film is in post-production, so all the work is done but it still remains unnamed. I found some information on the film, and Deadline reports that it was originally titled The Chef before also being temporarily titled Adam Jones, and it boasts and impressive cast of characters! The movie stars Bradley Cooper as a two-star Michelin chef who is a little bit of a bad boy in the culinary scene. Ohhh, a culinary dramedy? I'm into it. The rest of the cast includes Sienna Miller, who I assume is the love interest, as well as Dornan, Daniel Brühl, and Emma Thompson, who seem to be the gang of chefs who Cooper's character is rallying to help him regain his reputation. Alright, this is a far cry from the smooth and sleek Christian Grey, but seeing Dornan whipping up some exotic dishes might have a similar effect on the ladies.

Currently still filming in Vancouver, The 9th Life of Louis Drax will put Dornan in the middle of a mystery thriller as Dr. Allan Pascal, a doctor who is looking into the events around a young boy's near fatal fall on his ninth birthday. The film is described as "testing the boundaries of fantasy and reality," so it sounds like this will definitely be one to look out for. I am also looking forward to seeing Aaron Paul as Dornan's co-star, who has the role of the young boy's father who becomes a prime suspect in the accident.

Alright, I'll stop with the spoilers! Both of the films are slated to be released in 2015, so Dornan is about to have a very busy year. And if Christian Grey woos the expected throngs of fans to the box office, we can expect his suited-up, brooding face in the sequels for a few years to come. Bring it on!

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