Benedict Is Already Your Fave SAG Award Presenter

This has been a long couple of months for Benedict Cumberbatch. Between doing press to promote The Imitation Game and making his rounds at all the awards shows, he's barely had a chance to relax. Now we all know that Cumberbatch will present at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night, so there really is no sign of things slowing down for him. But just because his schedule has been crazy doesn't mean he has to let his exhaustion win. There are plenty of ways for Cumberbatch to psyche himself up to go onstage, no matter how tired he is.

Although award shows are exciting for viewers and often for those in attendance, I wouldn't be surprised if things have started to wear on Cumberbatch a bit. I mean he's got a pretty busy personal life right now what with his engagement and upcoming fatherhood. Add to that the fact that he's been doing Imitation Game press since November, and I'm surprised the guy can still stand let alone photobomb people.

Fortunately, Cumberbatch doesn't need an endless source of energy to get pumped for Sunday's SAG Awards. Instead, he can lay low until the ceremony and get psyched up moments before with these helpful tips. (You're welcome, Cumberbatch!)

Break Out Your Dancing Shoes

Nothing gets you feeling energized and ready to go than a quick dance session with yourself before you step onstage. Cumberbatch loves to dance, so this one should be easy (and fun!) for him. Fingers crossed someone records his backstage antics to share with the world!

Get a Pep Talk From Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are bros, and I'm sure, if Cumberbatch called him up on the day of, Hiddles could motivate him to get out there and be the best presenter of the night. Not only does Hiddleston have great red carpet tips for Cumberbatch but he's also very inspirational. There's nothing better to boost morale than some Hiddles time. (And maybe Hiddleston will even show up to the SAG Awards so they can have this talk in person.)

Photobomb Some More People

Nothing gets your heart pumping like some high jumps into a photo someone else is taking.

Remember That No Matter What You Do it Will Be Perfect

He could walk out and forget every single thing he was supposed to say and fans would still love him. He could pull a John Travolta and say something like Adele Dazeem and Tumblr would make a thousand GIFs about how perfect he was. There's nothing like knowing the Internet is in the palm of your hands and, as long as they see your face, it doesn't matter if you mess up.

Talk to Your Fiancée


In addition to a Hiddles pep-talk, I'm sure his beautiful fiancee Sophie Hunter has some kind words for her husband-to-be. And, if nothing else, she's a reminder that at the end of the day all this is worth it because Cumberbatch is providing for his future child.

Have a Margarita

That's how Cumberbatch celebrated the news that he would be a father, and it works just as well for getting warmed up to present an award.

Remember He's Already Done This

Cumberbatch is a seasoned awards show pro at this point. Not only did he present at the Golden Globes not long ago, but he also presented at last year's SAG Awards, too. As long as he remembers that he has done this before, I know he'll be great out there no matter how tired he is from all these ceremonies and press events.

(And seriously, if he dances someone better get footage of that.)

Images: Giphy (3); ohcaptainmycaptain1918, mrstane, corneliapornelia/Tumblr