7 Things In Tavi's Closet That Make Us Jealous

It's an undeniable fact: Tavi Gevinson is the coolest 18-year-old on the planet. And 7 years ago, she was the coolest 11-year-old on the planet when she started her blog, Style Rookie. It's obviously only gone uphill from there. The writer/actress/curator/all-around Coolest Teen Ever gave style site The Coveteur a peek into her closet, and there is a lot to be jealous of. Clearly, she is no longer a style rookie.

Gevinson has collected some pretty amazing things over her years on the scene, one of which is an astonishing resume. She upgraded her blog to an online magazine,, and then started creating an annual yearbook based on the site, Rookie Yearbook. She established herself in both the fashion and magazine industries while she was still in high school. She's recently forayed into acting, too — the teen just wrapped up a four-month stint on Broadway, starring alongside Michael Cera in This Is Our Youth. Oh, and she's appearing alongside Iris Apfel in Alexis Bittar's spring campaign.

Here are 7 amazing, eclectic, and interesting items Gevinson just has lying around Casa del Tavi. No too shabby for a teenager — or for anyone, for that matter. I can only hope to be half as cool as her someday...

A Leather Bunny Bag

Her leather bunny bag by Mandy Coon is just so very Tavi, no?

A Sulamith Wulfing Book from Stevie Nicks

"The Sulamith Wulfing book was a gift from Stevie Nicks, who said Mick Fleetwood gave her a copy of 1970 and the illustrations inspired a lot of her songs, like Rhiannon," Gevinson told The Coveteur. NBD.

This Vintage Teddy Bear Coat

Note to self: learn how to vintage shop like a pro.

Mania Mania Choker

Officially lusting over this piece of jewelry.

Audrey Hepburn's Gloves

"Winona Ryder on my 18th birthday—Audrey Hepburn gave them to her when she turned 18," said Gevinson. Again, NBD, right?

Velvet Del Toro Smoking Slippers

Will these navy velvet smoking slippers make me as cool as Tavi?

This Eclectic Little Mantra

Oh, wait — this I can make on my own.

Images: Courtesy manufacturers; Twitter/@LuckyMagazine, @TheCoveteur, @HSCactor