What Your Valentine's Day Date Says About You

Planning a Valentine’s Day date is tricky. Whether you’ve been dating for two years or two months, there’s pressure to do something oh-so-romantic… or at least super adorkable. When friends ask what you and your boyfriend or girlfriend did, you don’t want them to pity your stale relationship and predict how soon it will end. This might sound a tad dramatic, but I know that what you and your boo do (or don’t do) on this hyped up holiday can make or break your relationship.

This year, I’m moving into a new apartment on Valentine’s Day with my cat and my roommate, Elisa. Once we haul all of our stuff into the place, we plan to cook healthy Chinese food, and then light candles and eat our homemade feast among piles of boxes (while drinking a couple bottles of red wine, of course). This will probably be one of my best Valentine’s Day dates... wine and Chinese for me, boxes for my cat.

But seriously, what you and your date (boyfriend, best friend, pet goldfish?) do on Valentine’s Day gives people insight into you and your relationship. Do you go see a movie or stay in and watch Netflix? Head to a wine bar or go on a bar crawl? Whatever you two have planned, here’s what it says about your love life.

1. A fancy dinner

So you're not the most creative couple out there, but you've still got that something-something and made reservations for that new tapas restaurant ahead of time. You care about each other and made the effort to do something special on this sappy holiday... that's commitment.

2. Dinner at a fast-food restaurant

As someone who's been on a date at White Castle, I can tell you this relationship is going nowhere. True, Taco Bell is the best, but true love doesn't come with the Crunch Wrap Supreme combo meal. Enjoy the calorie-packed meal, but prepare to re-enter the dating pool.

3. A theater or ballet performance

You both appreciate the finer things in life and share a mutual appreciation for art. You've been dating for more than a year, live together, and have all of the same pet peeves. Everyone expects you to get engaged soon, but he'd never be cliche enough to propose on Valentine's Day (thank goodness).

4. Wine and paint night

You've been dating for a few months and wanted to do something unexpected for Valentine's Day, plus you bought a Groupon for this wine and paint class a while ago. The thought is nice (and the wine is even nicer), but let's be honest, this is completely unoriginal. Luckily, you're so happy together right now that it doesn't even matter how crowded the class is.

5. An indie concert

Why pay for overpriced dinner when you can drink a couple beers and see a killer band play instead? This date is totally fitting considering you two met on OkCupid and fell for each other's excellent taste in music.

6. Brewery tour

You're the perfect pair of beer snobs. Your fridge is always stocked with nice craft brews, so you usually stay in and watch Netflix. But hey, it's a special occasion, so this time you'll go out and drink a few more IPAs than usual together.

7. Bar crawl

Forget the brewery tour, you're just going all out. You two don't have a lot in common... except that you both like to drink a lot. In fact, most of your dating interactions have been spent under the influence of alcohol, so this date is pretty status quo.

8. Weekend getaway

You guys are serious. There might even be a proposal while you're away on your rendezvous, curled up by the fire in a remote cabin, splashing in the water on the beach, or exploring a new city hand in hand.

9. Rock climbing

You're both active people, and you may have met in a CrossFit class. Working out and getting a little sweaty together is your ideal date activity. Because you're both always on the go, you never get bored when you're together.

10. Anti-Valentine's Day

So you're hanging out with friends and hating on Valentine's Day instead of going on a traditional date. This means you have some solid friends to depend on, and friendships are the best relationships of all.

11. At home with your cat

Your cat sleeps with you every night, never picks a fight, and loves cuddling up on the couch while you watch Downton Abbey. Look no further, this relationship is purr-fect.

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