Non-Sexy Times People Find Their Partner Sexiest

When we pinpoint the exact things our partners do that we find to be sexy, sometimes, we find those things don’t have much to do with actual sex at all. Sometimes, what's sexy is more about the every day thing, like the way they conduct themselves around new people, how they look with bed head and sleepy eyes, or maybe just the cute little idiosyncrasies they have that only you, and no one else in the world, notice. That’s the good stuff right there.

To me, my partner is sexiest when he’s counting in French. Whether it’s numbers or counting out the months to figure out when we’ll see each other again, he automatically switches over to his native tongue — and it’s adorable. I don’t know why, but to me, that’s when he’s at his sexiest and it literally makes me hunger for him. I could listen to him count all day! (Well, OK, almost all day.)

With Valentine’s Day not too far away, we asked a few Bustle readers to share with us when they think their partner is at their sexiest. From intellect, to politics, to defending the rights of the LGBT community, here are the times these readers think their partners are at their hottest.

1. "When He Laughs..."

"I think that Rob is the sexiest when he is laughing. Like a big, deep, belly laugh. He just looks so happy, and it gives me the tingles!"

2. "When He Talks Politics..."

"When he's talking passionately about politics or developing real estate."

3. "When He Smiles..."

"When he smiles at me and his eyes light up."

4. "When He's Funny..."

"When we make funny faces."

5. "Damn, That Vocabulary..."

"When he uses that amazing vocabulary of his. Damn, that vocabulary."

6. "When He's In A Suit..."

"When I see him calling out someone for being an asshat. Or when he is in a suit."

7. "When He Schools People..."

"I love watching the husband school people on social justice issues (whether that has to do with women, LGBT issues, native/racial discrimination, etc). The fact that he loudly defends these issues regardless of who's around is hot.
Also, he looks damn good in a kilt."

8. "When He First Wakes Up..."

"I think my partner is the sexiest in the morning. There's something about the way he wakes up that makes him look adorable and full of life and excitement for the new day ahead."

9. "When He's Passionate..."

"Cooking. And well, when he's holding the kid. I'm a sucker for that ... and watching him work on something he is passionate about is adorable."

10. "When He's Raw And Sharp..."

"When he's a little bit raw, after yoga, or when he's as sharp as a classic film star."

11. "When's He's Being Dad..."

"When he's playing with our kids."

12. "When He's In His PJs..."

"He's sexiest when he's hiking, relaxing, being touristy, supporting me, and showing up at my baby shower. Also, when he is all dressed up or home in pjs."

13. "When She's Awake..."

"When is she sexiest? When she's awake. When am I most turned on by her? When she's awake. She once commented that she'd try putting on a burlap sack to see if I still found her attractive, but my drool pretty much answered the question."

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