Tom Ford's New Jeans Ad Is A Tasteful Crotch Shot

There's junk in the trunk and there's junk in the front! Tom Ford's Spring/Summer 2015 denim ad, shot by Inez and Vinoodh, pretty much obliterates those let-it-all-hang-out Justin Bieber x Calvin Klein underwear ads by being both suggestive and subtle. It's all about leaving a little something to the imagination.

Let's be honest. The Tom Ford ad is a crotch shot featuring some dark rinse, unbuttoned denim, held up by a black belt with the simple Tom Ford logo stamped on the buckle. But it's not gratuitous. The Biebs' ad, with it's (allegedly Photoshopped) in-your-face bulge, tells you exactly what to think. That's fine for the faithful squad of Beliebers, largely comprised of ladies under 18 who just want to see their tattooed hero shirtless.

But the Ford ad doesn't rely on any of that. It's a single, strong image that's powerful because of what it doesn't show instead of what it does. This ad actually makes you think and is sexual only due to the focus of the image and the fact that the top button is left undone beneath the belt. There's a hint of passion and a come hither vibe. The power is, once again, due to the subtlety.

Is this Tom Ford jeans wearer getting undressed so he can engage in a little somethin' somethin' or is he hurriedly throwing his clothes back on after a hookup sesh? You don't know and therein lies the beauty of effective advertising. You can totally fan fic what's going on here.

Image: Tom Ford (1)