Adidas And Kolor Show Men Some Ath-Leisure Love

Designers are doing their damnedest to make gym-to-street clothes happen right now. Adidas' on-going collaboration with Stella McCartney is pretty much the mother of fashionable "ath-leisure" wear, with Topshop, Rebecca Minkoff, and others zeroing in on the workout meets street style market. According to WWD, Adidas teamed up with Japanese brand Kolor for an Adidas Performance range full of edgy touches, and well, kolor. The brand is making sure that men, too, can engage in a workout and then run to Starbucks, looking fashionable all the while.

Clearly, ath-leisure is not just for women. So that's good news for dudes whose gym clothes will not be relegated to rumpled sweats and baggy, unflattering hoodies! As WWD reports, Junichi Abe of Kolor was the perfect choice for this upgrade, due to his experience with high-end fabric and his knack for innovation when it comes to cuts and silhouettes.

If you've got a dude in your life that is style-minded, you can already start thinking about what to get him for the holidays. Really! Judging from the images, there's some color-blocking, some silver foil detail, and a bit of a future/space vibe in these clothes, which makes them super cool. Here's everything we know about the collection so far.

1. There Are 23 Items

There are 23 items, which breaks down to 21 pieces of apparel and two pairs of shoes.

2. Bring On The Wearable Tech

One of the pieces is a smart shirt which claims to regulate body temp during workouts. What's better than a functional garment that has your health in mind?

3. You'll Have to Wait Awhile

The clothes arrive in stores in September and the prices run from $100 to $600, approximately. So there is some lag time before they go on sale and they aren't exactly cheap. Butttt I think it will be worth it. The jacket above is so chic that it should definitely get stylish gents excited.

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