What It's Like To Drink With Jamie Dornan & R-Patz

What do you get when you surround a Fifty Shades of Grey actor and a Twilight vampire with alcohol? Two very drunk celebrities. In an interview with Variety, Jamie Dornan revealed he and Robert Pattinson got drunk last December, and, well, it doesn't seem like he remembers too much of the evening. He opened up to the publication and said,

I don't remember what we talked about the last time I saw him. I think we just got drunk.

Obviously, that's what best pals do, right? The night of drinking also led to Dornan tweeting just the word "Christmas," and he's not really sure why.

Well, all of this got me thinking about what it'd be like to actually drink with Dornan and Pattinson. Would it be a crazy night of dancing and karaoke? Would it be two men having intellectual chats over some sophisticated drinks? Would they watch sports and throw back some beers? Seriously, who wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall watching Dornan and Pattinson have a fun night out on the town?

With that said (and seeing as I'm sure most of us won't be hanging with either of them anytime soon), let's imagine what it'd be like to drink with Dornan and Pattinson. I'll break down the evening from beginning to end.

They'd Pick Out Their Outfits

I have a feeling Jamie would look all cool and casual, while Robert would be like, "Well, if Jamie looks good, then I have to look good, too."

They'd Meet At A Bar With A Cool Atmosphere

When they finally meet up, they would act like they hadn't seen one another in years.

They'd Start Throwing Them Back

Depending on the evening, they'd have one or two or 10 drinks, which would lead to interesting conversations, laughing, joking, typical bar games, and any other type of shenanigans.

They'd Meet Some Ladies


The Alcohol Would Really Set In

You know we all get to that one point where we throw all our cares and worries out the window.

They'd Get The Drinking Munchies

Even with those abs, they still need food. They have to stay healthy, after all.

They'd Realize It's Probably Bedtime AKA Passing Out Time

They could probably stay out all night, but hangovers don't go away as easily as they did when they were younger.

Finally... They'd Wake Up Looking Like This

Not. Fair.

Who knows if this is how their night went or usually goes, but until I can actually have a few drinks with them, I'll just keep thinking this is all true.

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