How to Impress Your Partner's Parents

Reddit has a lot of relationship horror stories, but every so often, threads come along that celebrate not disasters, but moments of amazingness. The AskReddit thread that kicked up today asking the parents of the community what their kids' significant others did that won them over? It's one of the "moments of amazingness" ones. If you've ever been curious about the kinds of qualities and habits worth cultivating in order to impress your partner's folks, step inside. You might find some answers here.

It's worth noting that as long as your partner likes you, it doesn't really matter if his or her parents do. If you're all grownass adults, you can date whoever the heck you want. Even so, though, there is something nice about being on good terms with your SO's family. So although it's not necessarily a requirement for any given relationship, it might be worth giving it a shot. Obviously it depends on all the people involved, but still. Think about it.

There stories here, by the way, will give you a good place to start; the real trick, though, is not to stop doing these kinds of things once you land in the good books. It takes work to maintain a relationship, whether it's romantic, familial, friendly, or whatever; it's not just enough to do one thing and then call it a day. Keep up the behavior — that's how you go from "nice" to "a keeper," and become a better person in the process.

Below, find 13 things you can do to win over your partner's parents; head on over to the full thread for much, much more.

1. Showing Your Partner Respect

Treating other people, including and/or especially your partner, with respect should be a requirement for every single member of the human race. The fact that it's not is sad. Let's work on that, shall we?

2. Discovering a Shared Interest

Football: Bringing people together since 1869.

3. Showing Interest in Other People's Interests

If this one had been a movie, it would have been the greatest rom com of all time.

4. Making Pecan Pie (But It's Not Just About the Pie)

This story is notable for a few reasons: One, he shared delicious treats with everyone; and two, he shared a remarkable talent with everyone. I like to think that70sfan married Ned the Piemaker, but maybe that's just me.

5. Going Above and Beyond

Now that's dedication.

6. Going Above and Beyond, Part II

And so is that.

7. Having an Open Mind and an Adventurous Spirit

Good on justkilledaman's SO. Also, can I come over for dinner? Your mom's cooking sounds amazing.

8. Being a Positive Influence

Personally I'm of the belief that one of the reasons relationships are important is because they challenge to be better people than we already are. This? Yes. This is how you do it.

9. Having a Sense of Humor

You. I like you.

10. Showing Love and Appreciation for All Living Things

What? No, I'm not tearing up. What are you talking about?

11. Being Able To Handle Not Only the Good, But Also The Bad

A jerk would have acted disgusted at best and made awful jokes at worst. This person is not a jerk. Well done.

12. This:

That's hilarious. You win, JorusC.

13. And Also This:

Sometimes it's not the huge gestures that do it. Sometimes, it's simple things like this.

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