Is Steroline Back On On 'TVD?'

Can someone please confirm whether or not we've officially run out of new storylines for The Vampire Diaries? Because if TVD is renewed for Season 7, I don't know if I can handle another season of will they/won't they tension between Stefan and Caroline. On Thursday night's midseason premiere, "Woke Up With a Monster," TVD teased Steroline in Season 6 because we haven't already been to hell and back with this 'ship. After an emotional episode where Delena almost reunited, Luke told the Gemini Coven to shove it because he won't kill Liv, and Caroline battled with Sheriff Forbes dying of cancer, TVD through in a lingering, semi-romantic Steroline moment that all but confirmed what we're in for in the second half of TVD's sixth season. For better or for worse.

Now, as a TVD fan that aggressively opposed to Steroline happening — mostly because Stefan is a huge jerk and Caroline is easily the best these days — I felt like this moment was just all wrong. First of all, it was AWKWARD because it was so obvious that Stefan was trying so hard to not be the huge jerk that Caroline called him out for being during the Season 6 midseason finale. Everything about him taking her hand and telling her that it would all be OK before she walked in to see her sick mother was just plain uncomfortable. Honestly, it looked like Stefan had never touched or consoled another human being anymore — which we all know isn't true because he carried Elena's emotional baggage for, like, ever.

The moment itself suggested that Steroline might happen before TVD's Season 6 finale. If Stefan's trying to be a better person after Caroline called him out on his crap, she's definitely going to take notice — especially now that we know for sure that Sheriff Forbes is going to die and Caroline's going to be emotionally vulnerable about it because it'll technically be her fault. But, the sheer awkwardness of it has me hoping that its a sign that maybe Steroline really isn't meant to be — even if TVD is still trying to stir up trouble by touching on the seriously dead storyline.

I know, I sound like a totally sour Klaroline fan that wants Caroline to pick up and leave Mystic Falls before she makes any new romantic mistakes. But, c'mon — this is just plain awkward and you can't deny it, people.

Seriously, Stefan, have you never consoled someone before?

Image: Annette Brown/The CW