Kanye's Next Venture? Designing Jerseys

We've all heard the rumors about Kanye West's influence on Kim Kardashian — I'm sorry, Kim Kardashian's fashion choices. Turns out, the rapper may have known what he was talking about all along. In a recent interview with ESPN the Magazine, Wale, fellow rapper and friend to Kanye, said that he and Kanye are "in talks" about designing new uniforms for the Washington Wizards basketball team. Any one else bummed that there are no wizards of the Hogwarts variety involved here?

This is not the first time a celebrity has collaborated with a professional sports team to help spruce up its image. Jay Z created the Brooklyn Nets' logo. In 2013, Drake designed a line of clothing for the Toronto Raptors after being named their ambassador. And more recently, rapper Lupe Fiasco was named the World Cup's music director. All this to say we should have known Kanye was going to meddle in the sports industry eventually.

Let's just be honest about one thing: The man knows his fashion and the man knows his basketball. He's been spotted sitting courtside (next to Kim, Jay Z, and Beyoncé, naturally) at many a Wizards game. And he clearly understands that presentation is the key to success. I think we just may be able to trust Kanye with this possible new project, but in case you still need convincing, here are five times he proved he knows all about fashion.

1. The Kim Kardashian West Wardrobe Change

We all remember the episode on KUWTK when Kanye had an entire (black and white) wardrobe sent to Kim's closet. She openly admitted that Kanye wanted to change her style, and that she loved it. I'm going to be honest — even though it's not cool for him to take away her sense of self-expression, I haven't been mad about Kardashian West's fashion choices lately.

2. That Balmain Campaign

Kimye landed this Balmain campaign just last month. Since it's called "Army of Lovers," I'm not really sure who better to appear in the ad. Also, we can barely see their clothes. But who really cares, right?

3. His Hair

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Until recently, Yeezus was a fan of shaving creative patterns into his hair. Not only does this prove that any style works for him, but also that he understands fashion trends. He knew just when to rock his signature swirly cut or the maze cut he sported that time he rudely interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs.

4. He Had A Show At Paris Fashion Week

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In October of 2011, Kanye West debuted his line DW by Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week. That's right. Kanye had a fashion show at Paris Fashion Week. So, really, do you need any more proof that he knows a thing or two about design?

5. He Teaches Fashion Classes

Kanye surprised a bunch of students at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College when he came in to share his knowledge about the fashion industry. The teaching was actually a part of his community service from when he attacked a paparazzo in July 2014. Those students get to say "Yeezy taught me," and I have never been more jealous.

Images: Getty Images (2); Giphy; Balmain/Instgram; teamkanyedaily/Instagram