GloZell Wore Green Lipstick To Meet The President

GloZell is not only known for her status as "The Queen of YouTube," but also for her hilarious personality and her signature green lipstick. Fans of the social media star would be happy to know that GloZell did indeed wear said green lipstick when she interviewed President Obama.

GloZell had the opportunity, along with fellow YouTube stars Bethany Mota and half of the Vlogbrothers, to exclusively interview President Obama for a campaign strategy designed to help him appeal to a younger crowd. In addition to wearing her festive green lippy, she also brought along three tubes for Obama to gift Michelle Obama and their two daughters, saying, "My mama said whenever you go to someone's house you have to give them something."

Please don't get me wrong — I love women with bold signature styles and I love the thrill of trying new fashion trends. While I don't believe GloZell was trying to disrespect President Obama with her lipstick choice, I do think there are some things you just don't wear to interview extremely important people. Green lipstick is one of them. Appropriateness aside, I bet she left an impression on Mr. President.

It wasn't the only bold move GloZell made during her conversation with the President. She also accidentally referred to Michelle Obama as his "first wife" and, at one point, told the President that Fidel Castro puts "the d**k in dictatorship."

Check out the full interview below and decide for yourself whether the green lipstick was the right choice.

And of course, before things ended, there was a group selfie, because duh.