Pete Davidson Won 'SNL's Weekend Update

It is less than a season in for Saturday Night Live newbie Pete Davidson, but he continues to prove that he has become the star of the show with another appearance on SNL's Weekend Update. This time around, Davidson gave advice to viewers on the importance of cyber security, you know, for important reasons like identity theft and your girlfriend finding your search history of gay porn. If that sounds ridiculous, it is, but Davidson's Weekend Update appearances are always ridiculous and hilarious, so just enjoy them.

It's your normal run-of-the-mill story about a young guy questioning his sexuality after watching Wolf of Wall Street and getting those deep feels for Leonardo DiCaprio. As Davidson said, DiCaprio has always been hot, but present DiCaprio is like a "gold statue" of Leonardo DiCaprio, it doesn't really get better than the now. And while Davidson doesn't think he would "do it" with DiCaprio, "he might," you know, "out of respect."

To test his questioning sexuality, Davidson watches franchise after franchise of gay porn films, which he realizes isn't really for him. But that doesn't mean his Internet search history was safe from his girlfriend Googling "gmail" to find another g-letter search term in recently searched.

Maybe this doesn't happen to you often, but Davidson's hilarious standup is worth your attention. The comedian is only 21-years-old (!!!) and has already grabbed the love and adoration from viewers of SNL and Twitter.

Check out Davidson's cyber security tips below, and head his advice, why don't you?