Want Snooki To Officiate Your Wedding?

Even as a newlywed, Snooki still has wedding fever. After the Jersey Shore star married Jionni LaValle with a Great Gatsby-themed ceremony back in November, the wedding planning continues — sort of. She's currently prepping for another ceremony, but this time it's not her own. On Twitter, Snooki announced that she's an ordained minister. As if that news isn't exciting enough, the reason why she decided to become ordained is even better! In June, she's going to officiate the wedding of her hairstylists Bradley Moreland and Luis Miller.

If you follow Snooki on Instagram, you may be familiar with Moreland and Miller. They're the geniuses responsible for Snooki's latest haircut. It really is special that Snooki became an ordained minister, just so she could take part in her friends' ceremony. It proves she has a big heart and believes in the power of true love.

After Snooki announced the news, she received requests from fans who either wanted her to baptize their kids or officiate their own gay weddings, according to Us Weekly. Sounds like becoming ordained was a great move! Who wouldn't want to be married by Snooki — I mean Mama Reverend? (That's her new reverend name, BTW.) If they make an MTV reality show about her performing weddings, I'd totally watch.

Here's Snooki posing in the salon with the future newlyweds:

It's almost like a preview of what it'll look like when they all are standing at the alter together. I bet they'll pose for a selfie there too.

It turns out Snooki isn't the only celeb who can legally perform weddings. Here's a list of other celebrities who are officially ordained, just in case you want to hire them for when you say "I do."

Kris Jenner

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kris Jenner really does do it all! In 2011, she announced on her website that she's a "momager turned minister!" With the amount of kids in the Kardashian family, I feel like this title definitely will come in handy.

Jonah Hill


Did you know Jonah Hill officiated Adam Levine's wedding? This sounds like it could be the plot of a new Seth Rogen comedy, but it actually happened.

Lady Gaga


Gaga became an ordained minister to perform the marriage of a close friend, who also was her yoga instructor. I bet a bunch of her Little Monsters would jump at the chance to have her officiate their weddings too.

Conan O'Brien

Back in 2011, Conan became an ordained minister and held the first gay wedding on live television for his costume designer and his partner. Very awesome!

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