Benedict Cumberbatch Had Email Wedding Invitations

With a Cumberbaby on the way, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter reportedly plan to get married right away. Although Cumberbatch said last month he wanted to wait until Sherlock was finished filming, it seems the impending child has forced the couple to speed things along. According to The Mirror (which, you know, should be taken with a grain of salt), the actor wants to be wed before the baby comes along which has forced the couple to hurry up their planning. Cumberbatch even sent out email invitations.

That's right. The man who reported his engagement in an old-fashioned newspaper announcement sent his invitations out through the Internet. Basically he sent a glorified Evite. According to The Mirror's source, "The details have been sent out in an email rather than a paper invitation as time is of the essence."

But despite the newfangled means of communication, Cumberbatch and Hunter are very excited for the rapidly approaching day. "They're planning the perfect day. Life couldn’t be much better for them at the moment," the source added.

I'm glad that the couple is so happy, but I am curious about what an email invitation from Cumberbatch would look like. He's so old-school that he still calls the Internet, the "Interweb." He's always been a bit adorably bad at the Internet, as he has no social media accounts and an understanding of GIFs only as those "slightly move-y kind of things." So what does an Evite from him look like? Here are a few ideas.

They Were Riddled With Spelling Errors

When I first heard Cumberbatch sent out an email invite I just kept thinking about that one scene in Bride Wars. Anne Hathaway's character hastily types out a save the date email and in her rush accidentally makes a bunch of mistakes, including the compelling subject line "EMERGENCCCCY THISS NIT SPAM."

If only Cumberbatch's lack of Internet skills resulted in a similar scenario. Perhaps his subject would be more like "EMERGENCCCCY BABY ON WAY WDDING ASAP." I'd pay good money to get my hands on that version of his invite because it oozes adorableness.

They Could Have Been Full of Emojis

Perhaps Cumberbatch settled on the minimalistic Evite technique of conveying his words through emojis. Luckily there's quite a few wedding-related ones. Obviously the one I constructed below is just an example of what he could have said, but I think it's pretty legit.

It roughly translates to the following:

Subject: Wedding time!

Email: Time for marriage!

Party on this date at this church. We're getting married because we love each other and we're engaged. Formal attire requested. Be prepared to dance and eat cake.

Love, Benedict.

They Might Have Been Video Invitations

What other reason for sending an email invite could there be? Obviously Cumberbatch and Hunter are into cutesy animated invitations. Duh.

They Could Have Held a Link to a Facebook Event

Hey, if they're trying to be quick about things, I wouldn't fault them for including an invitation and a guest list all in one. Besides, who wouldn't want to click "attending" for the Benedict Cumberbatch wedding event?

Perhaps They Were GIF-Vitations

Cumberbatch could have sent out the location and date along with a single GIF of him as Sherlock in the wedding scene of the BBC series. Everyone would know exactly what it meant, and Cumberbatch would feel very proud of his slightly move-y thing.

What if They Were Holograms?

Maybe Cumberbatch's email opens up and a hologram of the couple personally invites you to the wedding. That would be pretty cool and he totally has the funds for something like that. I mean, he had a hologram version of himself photobomb himself in that above GIF, so anything is possible. If this were the case, everyone totally has to stop making fun of him for the whole emailed invites thing because holograms are awesome.

They Were Probably Still Very Proper

Their invitations may have been sent out digitally, but this is Benedict Cumberbatch. You know that he was probably just as proper in his email as he would have been on a hand-carved, pearl-adorned paper invitation. He probably addressed everyone as Mr. and Mrs. and used a script font and said things like, "we are most aflutter that you will be gracing us with your presence."

But whatever the email actually said, it's an exciting time for the Cumberbatch family. I'm sure not even the Internet mocking them over their Evites can stifle that joy.

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