Where Is Benedict On The SAG Red Carpet?

There's saving the best for lastm and then there's breaking the hearts of millions. When you tuned into the 2015 SAG Awards red carpet show on the E! Network on Sunday, there were a few choice names you were looking forward to seeing. Tatiana Maslany was one, Eddie Redmayne was another, and then, of course, there was the beloved Tumblr Prince Benedict Cumberbatch, who was not only nominated for an Award, but was also meant to be presenting an Award during the ceremony. However, the entire Live From The Red Carpet show went by without a single sign of The Imitation Game actor. Where was Cumberbatch on the SAG Awards red carpet?

If Tumblr is to be believed, the red carpet isn't the only place you won't be seeing the actor tonight. Numerous users posted about Cumberbatch being unable to make the ceremony due to traveling and scheduling plans. Some even noted that he had been spotted abroad, making it practically a guarantee that he wouldn't be able to attend. However, this news doesn't appear to be wide-spread, as many people didn't seem to be aware that the Photobomb King wasn't on the guest list for Sunday's award ceremony. In fact, you weren't alone in wondering where he was.

Although it's unusual for Cumberbatch not to walk the red carpet, that doesn't necessarily mean he won't be at the ceremony. After all, he might have snuck in there early to prepare something big to top his photobombing of Margaret Cho at the Golden Globes. He might have not felt well enough for a red carpet interview and is already inside saving his energy for the presentation, with the intention of heading home to rest up right after. However, we might have to brace ourselves for the idea of the entire award ceremony going on without a single glimpse of Cumberbatch, if this tweet is ay indication.

At this point, only time will tell if the actor is at the SAG Awards or not. However, if we have to miss him as a presenter, then here's hoping they got Tom Hiddleston to be a real pal and take his place last minute.