What The Hell Are "The Right Reasons"?

For someone who was so universally liked (and albeit boring) when he competed on The Bachelorette, Bachelor Chris Soules is definitely taking a lot of flack about his time on The Bachelor so far. Not only is he being judged for how much and how often he chooses to kiss the vast majority of the women vying for his affections, but this Monday's new episode definitely seems like a dramatic one. If you were watching last week, you know that the contestants are already beginning to revolt because the quantity of gals Bachelor Chris chooses to give his kisses away to is climbing by the episode. In the latest promo, Chris is laying down the law: "I'm here to find a wife, and if any of you question that, you're more than welcome to go home." It doesn't appear that Chris likes to be questioned on whether or not he's on the show for the "right reasons" or not... and the same could definitely be said for the women who are still in the competition. So what are the "right reasons" to be on The Bachelor exactly?

This is where it becomes a little hairy. Because I don't think there necessarily is a right reason to be on The Bachelor. If you're really, genuinely looking for love, there are other ways — now more than ever. If meeting someone the traditional way doesn't cut it, there's virtually no stigma around online dating compared to what there used to be, and Tinder is about as commonplace as using Twitter. Going on a reality show is not the only way to find a potential husband or wife. There aren't "right reasons" to be on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, just reasons.

And if The Bachelor wants to play that game, than the only real right reason is simple: To find someone to hang out with until you die, for the purpose of securing a free hunk of diamond and the love of your life.

Your heart would have to be totally pure.

To define the "right reasons," you'd have to be able to refute that you're there for the "wrong" ones. No, you're not here competing for The Bachelor because you might want some media exposure because you think a career in entertainment might be fun, or because you want to promote your fashion/makeup/jewelry line that you plan to launch as soon as the show airs, or because you think it'd be cool to be The Bachelorette and this is your way in. And if you're Chris, it's the same. He'd have to be able to say he's not here to kiss a lot of women, expand his dating horizons, or even just to take a quick vacay from the farm.

Let's just let them live, OK? Chris, you do you. Of course, I'll occasionally disagree with the way in which you choose to do you, but that's just reality television.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy