Adam Spilled Something Huge to Jessa on 'Girls'

Things got a little complicated on this week's Girls , and while the episode was called "Female Author," I definitely find myself growing more concerned about all the people Hannah left back in New York. While Hannah keeps asking about Adam in her video chats with the other girls, it seems that Adam has moved on; Shoshanna is never going to get a job, because her brand of honesty is just plain bananas; Jessa hasn't learned a thing in three seasons; and Marnie is dangerously in love with her unavailable music partner. And here where Girls ' "Female Author" credits song comes in to foreshadow where it's all going.

The lyrics to Joel Jerome's "Everybody Wants Somebody" are simple enough:

I have all that I need

And now that I have it I don’t want anymore

Add a variation and repeat.

This applies to Marnie, who finally stood up to Desi, who she thought was making her happy. It applies to Hannah, who's resorted to full-scale insulting her classmates at a cocktail party in hopes of I'm not really sure what. (Sure, it was hilarious to watch her slink away over the top of that couch, but what the hell was she thinking?) Iowa was what she needed, but she quickly learned she didn't want it anymore.

Back in New York, Adam seems to have had a similar revelation about Hannah: While walking with Jessa, they talk about "his girl" who is apparently with him every night. It was a quick moment and easy enough to miss, but it does seem that Adam is moving right on from Hannah, who he says only ever wants to talk about unimportant stuff like the fact that her local movie theater sells donuts.

Of course, the real obvious point of the song is in the last scene in which Jessa finally admits that she needs Adam's friendship. "Everybody Needs Somebody," even a supposed free spirit like Jessa. It'll just be interesting to see how this plays out when Hannah inevitably finds out about this girl that Adam isn't (but totally is) spending every night with.

Image: Mark Shafer/HBO