Could Tommy Be The Killer On 'Eye Candy'?

When a brand new, totally creepy and epically secretive psycho stalker hits the small screen, it's never too soon to start thinking about who that stalker might be. On Jan. 12, MTV premiered Eye Candy, a mystery series that follows Victoria Justice's Lindy Sampson, the tech-genius target of a dating app serial killer, and it's already extremely possible that Lindy’s closer to her stalker than she thinks. The killer is looking for perfection and seems to think Lindy might be “the ideal,” so she's the only character on the show who's safe for now. But we already lost her love interest and two other guys who tried to get close to Lindy, which means everyone is at risk and no one can be trusted. I’m thinking we already know who the bad guy is, and Tommy may be the Eye Candy killer we're all waiting to see exposed.

Harvey Guillen, who plays George, said in an interview with Bustle that the cast was told the killer could be any one of them. The voiceovers on the series are clearly male, and the killer must have been strong enough to overtake Ben, a capable cop. So far, all these signs point to Ben's partner Tommy being the killer, but they're not the only pieces of evidence.

His Feelings Will Come To Light Before Season's End

Casey Deidrick, who plays Tommy on the series, told Hollywood Life that while he'll be investigating some serious cases, he's also going to try to win Lindy's heart. In the midst of Lindy dating potential serial killers, Deidrick insists that Tommy will develop feelings for her somewhere towards the end of the season. I think it'll happen sooner than that. We've already seen his protective side and he's made it clear that he's physically attracted to her. On one hand, how could he not fall for the smart, witty, driven Lindy? And on the other, maybe he already has, but to a dangerous degree.

He Could Have Been Jealous Of Ben

Ben is dead already because the killer believes that if he can't have Lindy, no one can. What if Tommy had developed feelings for Lindy before, and killed Ben so that he wouldn't get in the way of Tommy trying to be with her? Now he's going after anyone else who may stand him between him and a relationship with Lindy.

He's Skeptical Of Lindy's Tactics & Motivations

Almost everything Lindy does online is illegal, so it's not too weird for a cop to be skeptical about it. But it's also possible that Tommy is paranoid that Lindy will figure out his secret. He finally agreed to work with her, but maybe only because the closer they are, the easier it'll be to keep an eye on her.

He's Super Connected

Tommy descends from a long line of highly capable cops and now works in the NYPD Cyber Unit. He started as a beat cop before working his way up to Cyber detective, which means he's got some serious (and legal) connections. If anyone can hack a 20-something's phone and computer, and track her every move like it's a walk in the park, it's a Cyber detective.

We're only two episodes in and I'm already stressed out about Eye Candy. At this point it's much safer to assume that we can't trust anyone, including those in close quarters with Lindy, and Tommy is definitely at the top of my list of suspects.

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