Could Connor Be The 'Eye Candy' Killer?

Maybe I should chalk this up to paranoia, or maybe it is because it would just be a lot easier for me as a viewer to keep track of, but I think we already know who the killer is on Eye Candy . I believe the killer is someone we've already grown to know in Lindy's life, and someone who you'd never suspect. To me, it seems obvious that the Eye Candy killer is Connor, Sophia and Lindy's friend, because there's actually a lot supporting this theory.

There's a simple reason I feel so strongly that we already know who the killer is: Eye Candy is clearly building towards a "WTF" moment. If the killer is someone we don't know, that "WTF" moment isn't going to be as shocking as it would be if it were a character we've grown to love throughout the season. There's that, and the fact that in an interview with Bustle, Eye Candy star Harvey Guillen revealed that the cast was told the killer could be any one of them.

Here are four reasons why of all the characters we've met so far, Connor is most likely to be the Eye Candy killer, and why we need to be extra cautious of him moving forward.

He Didn't Like Lindy (For Some Reason)

What's not to like about Lindy? Huh? Riddle me that, Connor. But for some reason, Connor and Lindy had a beef in Episode 1, which makes me think he might have a reason to seek revenge on her.

He Is Unaccounted For

Do we have a geo-tag on Connor's location during the murders? Because if not, what's to say he isn't the killer and just really good at keeping a low serial killer profile. We definitely know that Connor was MIA during the first murder (at the park), but he was nearby at the club just moments before.

He Knows What He's Doing On Flirtual

Who taught Lindy about Flirtual (the dating app that got Lindy into this whole mess)? Connor. He knows how to work Flirtual, so he might know way more about technology than he is letting on. He prepped Lindy for her dates, he helped her swipe Flirtual men, all of which could have been a set-up to make sure she is in the right place at the right time.

He Took Pics Of The Crime Scene Photos

Last but certainly not least, the real kicker. In the final moments of Episode 2, we see Connor take sneaky pictures of crime scene photos at the Police Station. What the heck was that about, huh? Is this really a situation where "picture or it didn't happen," applies? I feel like a murder case can just be taken for word, without accompanying Instagram proof. So maybe Connor is really twisted and admiring his work on display, saving those photos for his Tumblr blog later.

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