The Time Of The Month's One And Only Outfit

So we all know what time of the month I'm referring to, right babes? There's no need to go into graphics because, well, that'd be rather gauche. But let's just say I'm talking about a time period (so punny) when us ladies feel like we're slowly dying for approximately a week. I don't know about y'all, but when Aunt Flo comes for her monthly visit, not only do I morph into an actual monster, but I don't feel like leaving my bed — much less putting actual clothes on my body. However, there is a certain de rigueur one must adhere to, even when the reds are playing downtown.

If you are a gal who steps out in white jeans and heels during shark week, I'm texting you the "praise hands" emoji right now. Because I'm about 87 percent positive that I am not the only soul who requires only the coziest of clothes whilst surfing the crimson wave (holla at Cher Horowitz). With that known, I don't want to look like Charlize Theron in Monster. I'd preferably like to appear exceptionally put together, like Charlize Theron in every Dior commercial. So although wearing pajamas out in public is always an option, if that's not your thing, I've put tougher an ensemble that will not only be more than appropriate for public-viewing, but so deliciously comfy that you might just wear it to bed.


These diamond print woven joggers from Forever 21 are sure to be loose and comfortable, in addition to also being dark enough so you feel as secure as Maggie Grace at the beginning of Taken. But I think things will end up better for you.

Diamond Print Woven Joggers, $15,


This ribbed tank top from Brandy Melville is made with ultra soft and stretchy cotton to ensure the best shirt-wearing experience. I personally own this, and find it to be heaven on my upper body.

Jade Tank, $14,


This sweater from Free People, lovingly named the "Boyfriend's Embrace Cardigan" is the perfect piece to pull over your tank top like a nice security blanket.

Boyfriend's Embrace Cardigan, $128,


These beautiful black suede ankle foots from Sam Edelman will complete your outfit. But if you "can't even" with boots, try your hand at being European by pairing some chic Nike running kicks with your ensemble. Something tells me you won't be running, though, unless you're channeling Jillian Michaels or something.

Sam Edelman Petty Boot, $130,


To take this look to the next level, I suggest some sunnies like these shades from Urban Outfitters. Even if it's not actually bright outside, they provide a certain comfort that you might need when you're feeling vulnerable in your current state.

Skylar Sunglasses, $16,

So hang in there babes — there are shinier days ahead!

Images: Fotolia; Courtesy Brands