What If 'Beauty & The Beast' Cast Every HP Actor?

Tale as old as time, true as it can be: we all love Emma Watson, and naturally it's thrilling to see that has been cast as Belle in the live-action version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Besides being impatient to see her roll her eyes at Gaston and try the grey stuff (it's delicious), there's only one way to fill the time between now and the film's release: dream casting.

Obviously Disney hit the nail on the head with Watson as Belle, because there's no denying she's a funny girl who always has her head in a book. But who else will round out the amazing cast of characters? The soft-at-heart Beast, the wily and charming Lumière (RIP Jerry Orbach), the nervous Cogsworth? Bustle's Martha Sorren picked a great bunch for her dream cast, including Idris Elba as Lumière (which I fully endorse). But if Disney plucked Emma Watson for her iconic role as the greatest witch of her time, Hermione Granger, why not mine the incredibly talented cast of the Harry Potter franchise to fill the roles of all the characters in the Enchanted Castle?

Here's a dream casting of Beauty and the Beast with the dreamy cast of Harry Potter, because it'd be great to see them all working together again — this time with plenty of musical numbers.

The Beast — Gary Oldman AKA Sirius Black


Dark, rough, bitter, solitary, but ultimately kind at heart and extremely misunderstood. And you can't deny that Gary Oldman just has that voice.

Gaston — Tom Felton AKA Draco Malfoy


Why mess with villainous perfection? Draco is self-righteous, cocky, and thinks he's God's gift to witchy women. Plus I have a sneaking suspicion Tom Felton would look great with a dark-haired ponytail.

Lumière — David Thewlis AKA Remus Lupin


One of the best and most rough around the edges professors Hogwarts ever had, Remus Lupin had more than a few tricks up his sleeve. He was rebellious and funny — remember when he sassed Snape in the corridor? And, in all his scruff and scraggle, was still one of the most lovable and charming characters in the whole Harry Potter universe. He'd do that suave candlestick justice.

Cogsworth — Matthew Lewis AKA Neville Longbottom

Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Neville's nervous, hesitant and insecure, but eventually he realizes he's just as strong and smart a wizard as anyone. Cogsworth wants to play by the rules, too, but eventually realizes that sometimes the rules are just plain wrong.

Maurice — Mark Williams AKA Mr. Weasley

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The curiosity, kindness and charming clumsiness of Mr. Weasley would make for a perfect Maurice. Maurice is an inventor; Mr. Weasley is enamored delightfully with all Muggle inventions. Plus, they're both great dads.

Mrs. Potts — Julie Walters AKA Mrs. Weasley


Is there any so lovable a maternal figure as Mrs. Weasley? She loves all her many children, even those troublemakers Fred and George, and she's brave and kind all at once. Even though Mrs. Weasley is a little more aggressive than Mrs. Potts (not MY daughter, you bitch), she'd make the perfect teapot matriarch.

Babette — Clémence Poésy AKA Fleur Delacour


Beautiful and flirty and just a little bit haughty.

Le Fou — Rupert Grint AKA Ron Weasley


It might seem a little strange to put Ron Weasley on the side of the bad guy, but isn't Ron just the greatest sidekick of all time? A little misguided and daft at times, but ultimately loyal. And goofy!

Well, this is awkward... seems like I can't find a place for Dan Radcliffe. Perhaps he could play... the footstool?

Be MY guest and feel free to take my suggestions, Disney.

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