8 Funny Celeb Reactions To Winter Storm Juno

Even if you do not live anywhere near the New York tri-state area, I have no doubt in my mind that you've heard about the first big snow storm of 2015. And, of course, you have social media to thank for that awareness. I'm sure you love it. We don't even need meteorologists to forecast the weather at this point, and you don't even have to get up and look out the window to see if it's snowing. Just scroll through your Twitter timeline or Instagram account and you'll know exactly what's going on with the weather — no need to experience anything yourself.

Celebrities are no exception to tweeting about the snow storm. Plenty of stars have posted some pretty hilarious reactions to winter storm Juno on Twitter. Instead of complaining about the storm, posting photos in fashionable snow gear, getting into a panic, or anything else that's honestly annoying, these celebrities used their sense of humor to provide a commentary on the weather conditions. Aside from taking safety precautions, there's nothing we can do about this snow storm, so we might as well stay out of the way and make the best out of a tough situation. There's no better way to do this than having a laugh. Check out these nine funny celebrity tweets about the big snow storm.

Michael Ian Black

If any tweet portrayed my inner thoughts during a snowstorm, this would be it. As long as everyone is safe and sound, all I need is to be cooped up with my wifi access and I will be OK.

Juicy J

Keep being you, Juicy J.

Patton Oswalt

As a social media fiend, I agree with Patton Oswalt. I definitely think we could use some better hash tags for this snow storm.

Drita Davanzo

The Mob Wives star got a little graphic (again) when she posted about her snow storm frustration. I love when Drita Davanzo gets all feisty. And for the record, she followed up this post with a nice tweet to her followers to stay safe.

Ronan Farrow

Leave it to Ronan Farrow to throw some political humor into the blizzard conversation. I could not help but laugh in agreement at this sentiment.

Ally Brooke Hernandez

It may be a little corny, but I love the Fifth Harmony singer's punny sense of humor. I have to admit that this tweet made me chuckle.

Piers Morgan

Apparently Piers Morgan is already over people posting about the snow on social media. It's ironic because that's basically what he just did in response.

Kim Cattrall

I'm not sure if you would classify this as "hilarious," but it made me laugh and smile so I think it counts. I love me a good Sex and the City reference, especially when it has to do with Kim Cattrall.

Take it from these guys: instead of complaining about the snow or posting a standard Instagram of a thermometer, be funny.