How To Wear A Body Chain Like Jennifer Aniston

The gorgeous Jennifer Aniston was turning heads last night at the SAG Awards, and not just because she opted out of her go-to black dress in favor of a stunning vintage metallic Galliano number with a plunging neckline. The actress was wearing a stylish and youthful accessory under her gown, one that's pretty uncommonly seen on award show red carpets: a body chain. Stepping up your accessory game I see, Jen!

If you're not familiar with the body chain trend, it's basically a hybrid between a necklace and a harness (it's got a super chic vibe, though, not like a 50 Shades of Grey vibe.) They tend to be dainty and understated, but incredibly sexy. There are tons of ways to work the trend: over tees and cutoffs, paired with swimsuits, and, yes, under dresses, the way Jen styled hers.

Body chains make more appearances during the summer months when the sun is out, but Aniston is inspiring me to look at ways to wear one without dressing for 90 degree weather. Here are five ways to heat up your wardrobe with a body chain, even when it's inhumanely cold outside. (Or, you know, just go on vacation and fasten one over your swimsuit. Either way.)

Over a Sweater

Under a Button-Up

With a Long-Sleeved Bodysuit

Layered Over a Cold-Weather Dress

On Top of a Turtleneck