Is Brandi & Kyle's New 'RHOBH' Feud Still Going?

How did we end up here? Yes, that's the opening line of one of this year's critical darlings Birdman. However, it could just have easily been used to narrate the "Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills..." montage for Tuesday night's upcoming episode showing us the strange turn of events that transpired to turn Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville against each other yet again. But are the two RHOBH still feuding now?

To backtrack a bit in case you missed last week's epic RHOBH showdown, Eileen Davidson's friendly poker night turned into something out of a casino movie, complete with sex, booze, and a brawl. Kim had been acting weird all evening, and not her usual weird self, but something more reminiscent of when she was struggling with alcohol abuse. When Kim admitted to her sister Kyle that she had taken some pain medication, Kyle was livid. Brandi, who was most definitely intoxicated, tried to escort Kim out of Eileen's house, but not without having an altercation with Kyle first. Kyle wanted to speak with her sister before she left, which Brandi was not having. So she gave Kyle a little shove before the episode ended on a cliffhanger as all crazy Housewives episodes do.

The reason why it makes no sense that Kyle and Brandi would be at each other's throats is because they were actually getting along this season. Brandi trusted Kyle enough to let her eavesdrop on a call where she attempted to patch things up with Lisa Vanderpump. And Kyle was nice enough to let Brandi use her phone after hers died. Nothing says love like access to a fully charged smartphone.

And now Brandi and Kyle have had one of the most explosive encounters of the season. Is there any coming back from this?

You never say never, especially when it comes to reality TV, but this might be an exception to the rule. It doesn't seem likely that Kyle and Brandi will ever be friends again, at least that's how they both feel right now. A little more than a month ago, Kyle said in an interview with HuffPost Live that she and Brandi were not speaking and she doesn't see them ever being friends again. Shortly after, Brandi also did an interview with HuffPost Live in which she agreed that their friendship was over and placed all of the blame for their relationship-ruining fight on Kyle.

These interviews took place in December before we saw the now-infamous fight go down on RHOBH. Kyle and Brandi have since both written blog posts on BravoTV.com, where they do a she said-she said elaboration on that night's events. This is what Brandi wrote in her blog post:

"Kyle only wants to 'help' Kim when Kyle has an audience. In that moment of time, Kim was not in the right state of mind or condition to have any kind of conversation or altercation, yet Kyle persisted, even going as far as getting physical and grabbing me twice, as well as breaking my skin open to keep me from removing Kim from this bad situation. So ask yourself this question: If Kyle was so worried and embarrassed about Kim's behavior, then why wouldn't she just let me get Kim home and out of this embarrassing situation?"

And this is what Kyle wrote in hers:

"One thing that was very clear to me in watching this is that Brandi is not my friend. Never has been...Brandi can't be a friend to anyone. Including my sister."

Kyle goes on to write that Brandi has had a "master plan from the beginning" in which she had been "driving a wedge" between Kyle and Kim, which is what she was accused of Brandi of doing when they had this huge falling out. She also refuted Brandi's claims in the episode that she was jealous of Kim's success in show business and that she intentionally tried to hurt Brandi.

Oooh, girl. If these two haven't cooled off during their break from filming RHOBH yet, I don't see how they're ever going to get over this kerfuffle. But then again, that's what we all thought after Season 2's charades debacle, too.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; realitytvgifs (2), brandiglanville/Tumblr