11 Ways Snow Days Never Live Up To Expectations

Despite the fact that the much-hyped Winter Storm Juno wasn't as bad as expected, much of the Northeast is still enjoying a snow day today. And you can complain all you want about the snow, but you have to admit: it is nice to get a random day off in the middle of the week, even if that "day off" really just means working from home in your pajamas.

But while snow days seem wonderful in theory, they can be quite a different thing when they actually happen. Snow days when you're a kid mean no school, zero responsibility, lots of hot chocolate and grilled cheeses made by your mom, and wide-eyed wonder at the snow that has yet to be ruined by cynical adult thoughts. Snow days when you're older, though... well, they're not as great. For one thing, that whole "zero responsibility" feeling left a while ago, and will probably never return. For another thing, you probably don't have your mom taking care of you, meaning you have to do it yourself.

It's not all bad, but snow days definitely don't turn out the way you imagine they will. Try as you might, something is guaranteed to go wrong, and these snow day expectations won't go as planned. But hey — that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it! Just think: at least you're not in your freezing cold office.

1. Expectation: You're going to have the entire day off of work.

Reality: Your boss emails you asking if you can work from home. Technology!

2. Expectation: You'll attempt to do at least one productive thing while you're home.

Reality: You turn Netflix on, and then somehow manage to never turn it back off.

3. Expectation: You'll stay inside where it's warm and cozy, and you're NOT going out there in the snowy world.

Reality: You have to shovel because you're an adult now, and that's what adults do.

4. Expectation: You're going to take a romantic walk in the evening snow with your significant other, and it's going to be magical.

Reality: It's freezing, you're cranky, and the only reason you're even holding hands right now is so that you don't slip on the ice.

5. Expectation: You're going to bake at least two batches of delicious cookies.

Reality: You forgot to buy enough milk, and going to the store is out of the question.

6. Expectation: You're not going to move from your bed the entire day.

Reality: You have to actually take care of yourself at some point and, like, eat and stuff.

7. Expectation: Your mom is going to make you hot chocolate and a bowl of soup while you read your favorite book.

Reality: Your mom is like, "Um, remind me how old you are again?"

8. Expectation: You're going to play in the snow and make snow angels, snowmen, and even an igloo.

Reality: NOPE. It's really cold out there.

9. Expectation: You're going to have a wine party with your best friends.

Reality: You all realize that if you go anywhere, you're stuck there, and your bed is so nice.

10. Expectation: You'll have a cute sleepover with your significant other, and it will be super romantic when he makes you breakfast in the morning.

Reality: You guys spend three hours shoveling out your car in the morning.

11. Expectation: Outside, it's going to be a glorious winter wonderland full of Instagram-friendly photo opportunities.

Reality: The snow turns brown and starts melting before you're even awake.

Happy snow day, friends!

Images: Instagram