8 Reasons Cheese Is Your Ultimate Blizzard Companion, So Go Ahead And Stock Up On Cheddar

Currently, Juno is spewing her snowy business all over the Northeast, and hopefully, if you're in her path, you are safely hunkered down inside. Winter Storm Juno is certainly intimidating as far as snow storms go. It's like a relative you don't particularly care for showing up at your doorstep unannounced with between 12 and 36 suitcases. I mean, yikes.

The only way to get through this is to stock up on winter essentials, put a stack of books beside your chair, and ride it out underneath a cozy blanket. But what are your essentials? Water is a must, canned goods are ideal (because who knows when you'll be able to dig your way out of your igloo), and alcohol is probably in your best interest to have on hand as well — you never know when you might need a buzz. Another essential that's perhaps not as obvious but is way more important than any non-perishable item in existence is... cheese. Cheese is the key to happiness. Cheese will improve the status of any meal. Cheese will fill up your stomach and feed your soul. Cheese is everything. Not convinced? Here are all the reasons why cheese is your ultimate blizzard companion.

Stay warm, my friends.

1. Because it's cold out, and melted cheese will keep you warm.

It's probably close to negative temperatures outside, and your core needs warmth. Whatever you're eating, just add some melted cheese. It'll taste amazing, I promise.

2. Because anything that comes out of a can will need a serious flavor boost.

Are you seriously considering eating that can of French cut green beans plain? Ew. Your body will not be impressed by a decision like that. Do yourself a favor, and add some cheese.

3. Because you can pretend you're eating healthy as long as vegetables and/or fruit are involved.

Veggies provide important vitamins that the body needs. So as long as something healthy is included in your meal, then limitless cheese is totally acceptable.

4. Because every meal needs cheese.

Eggs, sandwiches, soups, grilled chicken, pasta, steamed veggies — it works on anything and everything. And what would mac and cheese be without the cheese? Just... noodles? Bleh.

5. Because the power might go out at some point, so you should probably just eat it all now while it's still good.

It's important to plan ahead.

6. Because you don't need to leave the house today, and it tastes so good with that wine you bought.

I mean, there's no harm in one small glass of wine and a few slices of cheese before lunch, right? Right.

7. Because cheese is a food you will never regret eating.

Cheese is a regret-proof food. It's like a superfood without any super nutrients — just super fantastic superb taste.

8. Because portion control is not a thing on snow days.

Moderation is for tomorrow.

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