Britney Spears Loved 'The Boy Next Door', So Let's Imagine Her Thoughts On Other J. Lo Classics

Turns out, Brit-Brit has the exact same taste in movies you always imagined her to have. Meaning, the likes films that star Jennifer Lopez and have plots resembling that of any Lifetime movie. Thus, it's no surprise that Britney Spears loved The Boy Next Door so much that she had to let J. Lo know on Twitter. Her message is a hilariously typical Britney thought, but it's super sweet at the same time. I consider it a gift from the universe.

Judging from the message, something thematically resonated with Spears after she saw Lopez's newest film. Like, I think she may be the only person who was this touched by the teenage-boy-fantasy-fulfilling thriller. In a tweet posted last Friday (the premiere date of the film, meaning that Brit LITERALLY could NOT wait to see this movie), Spears said,

It's easy for us moms to feel dull and invisible at times but this put some pep in my step. Thank you, Jennifer, for being you... Just saw the new movie 'Boy Next Door.' @JLo is so beautifully strong and inspiring...

Admittedly, I haven't seen The Boy Next Door, but I'm slightly perplexed by the notion of watching a movie about a lover-turned-stalker making your day better. Unless you were there to make fun of it. Doesn't make Spears' positivity any less valuable, it's just a thought. J. Lo retweeted Spears' message, though I personally think that she deserved a personalized response. I think something like "Thanks sister! Was a pleasure to rule the late '90s pop charts with you #goddess" would've been appropriate.

When it comes to Jennifer Lopez joints, my guess is that Spears is a connoisseur. Other than the obligatory Crossroads and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Brit's DVD collection probably includes such classics as Maid in Manhattan, Enough, The Wedding Planner and Selena ('cause she IS human). Let's imagine what Spears' thoughts on some of J. Lo's other movies would be if she decided to tweet them.

Maid in Manhattan

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on YouTube

"@Jlo is like, the prettiest maid I've ever seen in Maid in Manhattan. Amazing movie!"

The Wedding Planner


"@Jlo in The Wedding Planner is so beautiful, such an inspiration to follow your dreams & find love. #ValueYourself"


sonysloba on YouTube

"Don't care what the critics say. @Jlo and @benaffleck are perfect in #Gigli. #lovethehaters"


Paramount Movies on YouTube

"Just watched #Antz with the boys. Can't believe @jlo is one of the voices. CRAZY!! #learnedsomethingnewtoday"


CappaZack on YouTube

"Can't get enough of Enough. Definitely a scary movie, but @Jlo is SO STRONG!"


jgarc07 on YouTube

"Just watched Selena for the zillionth time and @Jlo should've won an Oscar. Crying so hard!!!"

Gotta love ladies supporting ladies!

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