Kate Moss Does NOT Know How To Pack Light

I've been made fun of a time or two for my packing skills. Or, I guess I should say lack there of. I just have a hard time narrowing things down, what can I say? When I studied abroad for a year, I packed 22 pairs of shoes. Yes. Really. It happened. See, I understand the perils of packing, especially for us indecisive people. It's difficult. And according to a recent Instagram, Kate Moss apparently relates to my packing struggle. (Side note: Let it be known to all that Kate Moss and I officially have one thing in common.) The photo features Moss' husband, Jamie Hince, carting around about a bagillion (rough estimate) pieces of luggage for the couple's weekend trip to Scotland. Yes. Just a weekend trip.

Now, first of all, this is Kate Moss we're talking about. The women can do what she wants and, I don't know, something tells me she isn't really affected by luggage limits or most other societal standards and/or rules. She's Kate freaking Moss; if she wants to wear a coat that resembles a Game of Thrones wardrobe moment, she can. If she wants to bring 30,000 pounds of luggage for a weekend trip to Scotland, she can. Why? Well, first, because of all, she's Kate Moss. And, second, she's Kate Moss. I think most people, airport security included, are just scared to defy her.

What a trooper, that husband is, am I right? I mean, OK, yes, he's married to one of the most famous models ever, so he's winning at life. But that's a lot of bags to lug around an airport. Also, a question: Where's Kate Moss? Maybe we're all just stereotyping here. Perhaps her husband is the high maintenance one. We don't know his life! It's a possibility, no?

OK, probably not, but it's fun to imagine.