Terra Reveals Her Pregnancy To Her Mother On 'Little Women: LA' & Her Reaction Is Unexpected

Terra's had to make a new pregnancy announcement every week on Little Women: LA, and unfortunately, she's still having a lot of bad luck with her friends and family's reactions. In this week's episode of Little Women: LA , Terra told her mom about the baby, but instead of a happy, excited grandmother, she reacted like she was hearing terrible news. While not all grandmas are excited about having tons of grandkids running around, I felt bad for Terra after seeing how disappointed her mother, Karolyn, seemed by the big announcement.

Karolyn didn't seem to see the situation the same way as Terra does. She claimed that Terra and her boyfriend Joe Gnoffo wouldn't be able to work out their finances, that they wouldn't be able to handle the new stress, and that it would ruin Terra's career. As a counterpoint, Terra tentatively said that this was a good time for her to have a child because she has a fair amount of money saved, she just moved in with Joe, their relationship is stronger than ever, and she doesn't care about the affect on her career.

I don't think either one of them was being totally 100 percent honest. Karolyn doesn't seem to realize that Terra is actually much more successful than when she first left Texas. She's had successful Vegas residencies, toured with Miley Cyrus, and, duh, she is the producer and star of a hit Lifetime show. While we as viewers don't know the ins and outs of Terra's relationship with her mother, it was nothing was just short of heartbreaking to see Terra's news greeted in such a way.

I just hope Terra and her mother are able to come to an understanding so that they can support each other during this important time in Terra's life.

Images: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime; Giphy