Jabbar In The 'Parenthood' Pilot Looks So Different: Get Ready to Feel Really Old, Everyone

Can you believe that we are seriously hours away from the Parenthood series finale? Of course, we knew this dreadful day was on the horizon, but that doesn't make the thought of parting with our beloved Bravermans any easier. For six seasons now we've seen this family through make-ups and break-ups; celebrations and hardships; tears and laughter — and pretty much everything in-between. In many ways, they've become a part of our family, which makes each character all the more difficult to say goodbye to. But instead of wallowing in our own sorrows (something I have failed to do thus far), I thought it would be fun to put a positive spin on all of this sadness with a look back at one of my all-time favorite characters: Crosby and Jasmine's adorable son, Jabbar, played by actor Tyree Brown.

Admittedly, this guy hasn't gotten much screen time these days, which is a real shame considering he's hands-down the least annoying kid on this show. (You know it's true, Sydney.) In fact, I'd even go so far as to call him downright likable. He's genuinely good natured, has a great relationship with his folks, and even when he does throw a tantrum, it's completely justified. (Hey, I'd totally throw a fit if I was denied a trip to Hogwarts at my current age, let alone back when I was just 10 years old. Just saying!) All-in-all, he's a pretty great kid, which is part of what inspired me to look back at when he was first introduced in Season 1 and reflect on just how much he's not only changed but grown from then to now. (Warning: the rest of this post is guaranteed to make you feel very, very old. Proceed with caution.) Enjoy!

Then: A Sweet Little Boy

Crosby and Jabbar were only just starting to bond, but that didn't stop this little guy from asking the question Crosby most desperately wanted to hear. Just try not to tear up during this moment. I dare you.

Now: A Helpful Big Brother

Though he still needs the occasional guidance of his parents, Jabbar has now reached a point in his life where he's willing and able to take on more responsibilities around the house — like helping his baby sister learn to walk. Precious times infinity.

Then: Isn't Afraid to Say What He Wants

Pancakes are all well and good, but everyone knows waffles is where it's at. Something tells me he and Leslie Knope would get along famously.

Now: Knows That Sometimes It's the Thought That Counts

He may not be Hogwarts bound just yet, but Jabbar is now grown up enough to know how hard his parents worked to try and recreate the experience for him. And he embraced the imaginative world like the true badass wizard that he is.

Then: Downright Adorable

I mean, who wouldn't immediately fall in love with that face?

Now: Downright Adorable

You're the best, Jabbar. Never change!

Images: Joe Pugliese/NBC; fuckyeahthebravermans/Tumblr (6)