Kevin Spacey Joins 'Nine Lives' As A Cat (Seriously) & Here Are 6 Surprising Reasons He's Perfect For The Role

With all the amazing cat memes floating around the Internet, I've come to realize that cats are basically like the rock stars of pets. Not only do they make a bunch of people feel better about life, though, but apparently they also serve as great inspiration for filmmakers: There's the strange Ryan Reynolds film The Voices , for one, in which Reynolds plays a man whose cat convinces him to commit murder (kiiiind of scary, I know). And now, it seems House of Cards star Kevin Spacey will star in Nine Lives, a comedy about a man who becomes a cat.

Yes, you read that correctly. A man who becomes a cat.

Specifically, The Wrap reports that Nine Lives will be directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, and will tell the story of "a workaholic businessman who suffers a terrible accident that leaves him trapped in the body of the family cat." OK, so that's not as creepy as The Voices, but...still a bit confusing.

Despite the scarce details on the film, what's crystal clear is that Spacey is definitely the right guy for the gig. He's played every role from a wise guy and a thief to a cutthroat Hollywood executive and the murderous politician everyone hates to love, House of Cards' Frank Underwood.

As if anyone needs convincing, here are 6 reasons why Kevin Spacey's the perfect guy for the Nine Lives feline role:

He Loves Doing Impressions

whataboutlarry1 on YouTube

If Spacey can pull off an Audrey Hepburn impression, he will most certainly make a believable cat.

He's Also a Singer

In case you didn't know it, Spacey's an actor who can sing, so...should the producers require his cat character to belt out a couple of notes (HEY, IT COULD HAPPEN), he's got that covered too.

It Might Give Spacey Another Oscar Win

Considering his resume, expecting an Oscar win from Spacey isn't a very risky bet — but how amazing would it be if he added a win for his comedic cat role to his current golden statue collection?

Spacey's An Animal Lover

Since Spacey owns two rescue dogs, he's already quite familiar with a bit of animal psychology. For any cat lovers tempted to turn their noses up at an unapologetic canine lover playing a feline onscreen, just know that Spacey won't disappoint you guys.

Frank Underwood Knows Cats

Not that anyone would dare question Spacey's versatility as an actor, but the fact that he already plays a character who is keenly tapped into the inner workings of a cat's mind gives him an obvious edge over any other contender.

Spacey Played a Cat Before

Perhaps Spacey's portrayal of Keyboard Cat in Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube film Ameowadeus prepared him for his Nine Lives role. Either way, this makes it official — he's the perfect guy for the part.

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