Where Is New York Fashion Week This Year? Don't Worry, You Can Still Wait To Get Street Styled In Front Of The Tents

Whether Fashion Week conjures memories of white tents in Bryant Park or the elegant interiors of the Lincoln Center, New York Fashion Week is beginning a metamorphosis away from its past iterations. Aside from a title change and a new management company, Fashion Week's biggest transition is its move from the hallowed halls of the Lincoln Center. So where is fashion week going to be held this year?

Before you begin hyperventilating and rethinking your footwear selections for hoofing it from place to place, take a deep breath: Designers and sponsors alike understand the importance of stilettos to their treasured celebrity and street style blogging audience. After the Alexander Wang debacle of 2014, when the edgy designer moved his Fall 2014 collection showing to the Brooklyn Navy Yard much to the confusion and dismay of pearl-clutching Fashion Week traditionalists, the CFDA instituted a foolproof and updated Fashion Calendar to aid perpetually late and navigationally-impaired guests. Fashion Week's separation from Mercedez-Benz and addition of Made Fashion Week, however, are proving key factors in the location shift.

After busting at the seams of Bryant Park and losing Lincoln Center in a legal battle, the revamped Fashion Week will be a more spread-out affair. Though the Lincoln Center's Pavilion, Salon, and Theatre will play host to a selection of high-profile designers from February 11 to February 19, a significant number of designers will begin the migration away from midtown west. For lucky downtown dwellers, Fashion Week will be in their backyard thanks to the strategic efforts of WME-IMG.

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In addition to a potential shift to the currently under-construction Culture Shed at Hudson Yards come 2015, Fashion Week's 2015 map appears more expansive by the hour. Milk Studios on West 15th Street is a suspected locale for upcoming shows, as are Spring Studios and the Standard Hotel. In addition, the number of designers going rogue with remote, under-the-radar locations seems to grow exponentially with each season, following in Wang's footsteps. While your wistful dreams of staking out Fashion Week in five-inch heels may not be completely impractical until September of 2015 when the event's full transformation will be revealed, you may wish to keep a pair of trusty wedge sneakers or Converse on hand for quick entrances and exits.

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