Kendall Jenner Went Sheer For Chanel Haute Couture And It Was Fierce — So Here Is How To Get Her Look, IRL

Spoiler alert — except not, because I am pretty sure the word "spoiler" is only applicable if there is at least one person who is possibly not aware of the corresponding news, which I am nearly certain is not the case here — Kendall Jenner walked in the Chanel Haute Couture show this past week in Paris. While this bit of news may not be surprising, considering Kendall is the model du jour and so obviously Karl Lagerfeld's new obsession, her catwalk look still killed it, creating the exact buzz she has become known for. The second youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family continues to prove that she is so much more than a famous last name.

For the second time in her short yet illustrious career, Kendall went super sheer in the name of high fashion, sporting a see-through, black pleated blouse with a floral appliqué midi skirt, and I have to say, she was a perfectly themed garden party vision. And that mesh hair/face accessory? I'll admit it: The dynamic duo of K&K have made me want to somehow work this vintage-inspired (do I spy a nod to the 1950s) idea into my arsenal. Even better than the first time Kendall went braless for Marc Jacobs, her Chanel swag is making me swoon over sheer. Karl must be one proud couture papa. Alas, the question that always awaits us as we come down off our couture high is whether or not it is actually possible to pull the look off anywhere besides the runway. Can haute couture transition into spring staple when the weather begins to warm? This time, the answer is yes.

While I do not recommend sheer pants a la Kris Jenner (seriously, can we even call these pants? In my opinion, this was a true fashion disaster, and I do not even care that the ensemble was head-to-toe Chanel during couture week) there are definitely ways to work it down your own personal runway while sporting the see-through trend. Whether you want to go all in, simply show a little skin or are just thinking of dipping your toe in the water with a mesh hair accessory, here are ways to make sheer work, IRL:


You are all in and ready to copy the catwalk for the first spring party you get invited to. Rocking an ensemble reminiscent of the one Kendall brought down the runway can be done by pairing a sheer crop (real world recommendation would be to add a bra) with any number of floral midis on the market. And as long as you are making the commitment to carry out this couture-inspired look, you might as well top it off with a mesh-embellished headband. You're so "super sheer, don't care" and I love it. Work it, girl.

Crop an Attitude Top, $24,

True Decadence Botanical Floral Midi Skirt, $74,

Jewel and Net Headband, $20,

And if you weren't planning on paying rent this month you could pull a total Kardashian move and add this lace look-alike to your hair accessory collection.

Maison Michel Liane Veil Headband, $435,


Maybe you’re the type of girl who can’t commit to both the see-through fabric and the crop silhouette. Have no fear, you can still go sheer. Try out a sleeveless blouse that can be paired with denim for a more sophisticated look or a t-shirt silhouette with a barely-there pattern and a rib collar to turn your sheer slightly sporty. Either style can be worn with a tank underneath for a more reserved take on the trend or with a bra for the almost full effect.

Babaton Ainsley Blouse, $98,

J.O.A. Sheer Checkered Tee, $74,


You are obviously into the sheer and lace trend, but just aren't as bold when it comes to showing skin or the illusion of it. No lace pants for you, but that is not a problem. You can pay homage to the catwalk with a dress that pulls double duty — sheer on top and solid on the bottom — a top that dons only sheer sleeves or by sporting a more practical version of Kendall's lacey hair accessory.

Babaton Cadby Blouse, $50,

Sunday Best Oppel Dress, $30,

Black Lace Headband, $12,

Is that the smell of spring in the air? Maybe not quite yet, but let's just agree to go ahead and start preparing with warm weather fashion.

Images: Getty; Courtesy Brands