7 Times Kanye West's "Only One" Music Video Is Completely Derailed By North West's Adorable Little Face — VIDEO

If you thought the "Only One" song was sweet before, just wait until you see the video for it. On Thursday, Kanye West debuted the "Only One" music video and it stars North West, who totally steals the show with her cuteness. The video starts out with a laughing (and smiling!) Kanye West running and playing on the country side, but that's not even the cutest part of the video. That's how adorable little Nori is.

Although the video was filmed on a rather dreary, rainy day, North managed to light up the whole screen with her big eyes and chubby cheeks. The film was directed by Spike Jonze, although it feels more like a home video than a professionally shot piece — and that's the beauty of it.

The man who never lets us into his life is showing off his love for his daughter in the sweetest way. There's no over-the-top special effects or motorcycles this time around. It's just West and his daughter walking around and playing together. And, when it starts to rain, he pulls up her hood and shelters her from the storm.

It's everything you could possibly ask for on a Thursday, because it will instantly put you in a better mood. And, since the best part of the video is clearly North West, here are her seven best scene-stealing moments.

When She Was Literally the Focus of the Shot

Oh, Kanye's in this video? Doesn't matter because all eyes, including the camera lens, were on North.

When She Expressed an Interest in Fashion

Look out Kanye, she's pretty interested in those shoes of yours. If you're not careful she'll become a big name in fashion and will totally phase out you and your leather jogging pants.

When She Let the Camera Know Who's Boss

Looks like she inherited that old-fashioned glare from her dad and she's not afraid to use it.

When She Dressed Better Than I Ever Have

Let's face it, she's a toddler and she's already more fashionable than many adults. And that model pose she's got going on? Flawless.

When She Gave Me All the Father/Daughter Feels

This video was so sweet it made me want to call my dad and apologize for the dumb fight we got in last week. Look at that, North is literally fixing relationships.

When She Refused to Give Us Her Attention

Even the ground is more interesting to her than the camera. So much sass for such a little kid.

When She Got Him to Smile

She's achieved what few have ever done before: getting Kanye West to smile. It's clear she's stolen her dad's heart, and ours right along with it.

You can watch the full video on his website, and a preview of it here:

Images: Screenshot/KanyeWest.com (7)